February 28th, 2018 ~ Vol. 89 No. 9
A Concerned Taxpayer/Contributor/ and Citizen of Canada
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It is becoming more and more concerning how our 3 levels of Government are ignoring the run-away deficits they are creating. These deficits are putting us, our children and grandchildren, in impossible future tax situations. Have you seen the dollars required to just cover the interest payments on our debt? What I find amazing is, when our Municipal Governments look at a project for which they will receive Provincial funding, they literally deal with that as if it isn’t real money. The same with Provincial governments and Federal funding. Taxpayers wake up!!! We are responsible for the debts of all 3 levels of Government.

At one time Governments looked at Resource based Industries favorably. If an area had industry, it had employment, and both the industry and its employees would pay tax to fund the areas required infrastructure and needs. Much of this industry was on Public Lands and it was recognized we needed the resources off those lands. Those tenures or projects were approved. Now our Governments “roadblock” or over regulate industries. They turn former Multiple Use land into “Protected Areas” and consequently stop resource extraction/movement while at the same time approving projects which are taxpayer funded. Equalling more debt!!
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Here is a perfect example in our own area. Our NDP Government is planning on paving a perfectly good gravel road to the Castle Ski Hill. Next, they are planning to build a pipeline from the Oldman Reservoir, all the way back up to the ski hill. To pipe water all the way back up the valley. From where it came from! To a place where the best water in the world exists already? Another example of unbelievable Government fiscal irresponsibility. A taxpayer funded project; while many of the former resource industries have been shut out of the area! I have heard a number of comments on how much nicer the Castle is since Alberta Parks took over. Nice parking lots, toilets, etc. I don’t dispute these things are nice but they are taxpayer funded, they could have been done for less money, and all it shows is Alberta Parks is a “favorite department” of this current Government. Don’t you think if the former Forestry Department, over the years, had received but a fraction of the present inflated Parks budget they could have kept up the Castle’s condition over the years?

And there are so many examples of Government fiscal irresponsibility; inefficiencies, cost overruns, consulting studies, etc. And all presently funded by..... creating deficits. Borrowing money and leaving the taxpayer with the debt. Making false, stab in the dark, projections about when they may balance the budget. And not mentioning they haven’t a plan to pay down our debt.
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We need to speak up folks. This is one of the most serious issues of our time. We need to present our views in blunt terms to our elected officials. And we probably need to request less “benefits” ourselves in order to ask that less “benefits” be provided to segments of our society who have become far too dependent on taxpayer funding. There is nothing wrong with demanding we only spend what we take in. An awful lot of us have done that all our lives. At one time it was the Canadian way. We were a strong society, with strong values of hard work, and contribution. Please get involved. This is far beyond coffee talk now!!

John MacGarva
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February 28th, 2018 ~ Vol. 89 No. 9
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