March 21st, 2018 ~ Vol. 89 No. 12
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It’s been an interesting week of information, some good and some bad. Being a publisher, I get probably 20 calls or messages a week regarding both good and bad things going on in the Crowsnest Pass.

So this week, I figured I’d give you a snippet into my life as a newspaper owner.

Cat Crap

This one gets me stumped and, quite frankly, grossed out. I received a message from a concerned citizen who reported that a neighbour is packing up her cat feces and depositing it in the adjacent back alley. I’m not joking. I went for myself to look and littering the entire alley are piles and piles of cat crap. Several people along that back alley have watched her do it. What the heck is going on in this world when someone thinks that is okay? So the neighbours jointly packed up the feces, put it in a bag and promptly returned it to said neighbour so that she knows they know. Next day, bags of cat feces showed up again with a note on it saying, “Are you watching ... KGB”, the acronym for Russian’s former security agency.

This is all real; I can’t make this stuff up. I told the person to contact the RCMP, as we don’t have a by-law officer yet. Poor officer, when he/she is hired!
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Stupid councillors

A person came into the office to tell me that all councillors are stupid. Again, not joking. I’m not sure if they actually know I’m a councillor. I smiled and said, “Okay.” What more can I say? This one just isn’t worth the fight.

RIDE Crowsnest

I was accused of not putting a Letter to the Editor into the paper because it’s Council-related and I don’t want to look bad. Funny thing is that each of the letters I received were in the paper. I had so many several weeks ago that I carried them onto a second page. Apparently, the person doesn’t read the entire paper.

I deleted my subscription list

Last Friday was by far the worst day in my work life. I was getting my PC updated with Windows 10 and, when asked if there was anything to save other than my accounting software, I apparently forgot that my entire mailing system for the paper was on my desktop.
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When I found out it was lost and I didn’t back it up on an external drive, I sat in the corner of the Pass Herald sucking my thumb. The newest mailing list I have is from 2014 so for the last three days, I’ve been going through my receipt book trying to update a four-year-old list. So if you didn’t receive your paper, contact me at the Herald. Wait... you won’t know to do that because you didn’t get your paper...

I have warned the staff that we may be getting calls this week from subscribers not receiving their paper. So if you usually get a paper but didn’t starting this week - sorry and let me know. If you get a paper for someone deceased, let me know. Phone number is to the right of this column. If you are angry that you didn’t get your paper, please be kind to the staff and myself. It’s going to be a long week of “I’m sorry.”

On a good note, I learned a valuable lesson in backing stuff up. So that’s my work week; it’s never dull here at the Pass Herald.

That’s the way I see it.
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March 21st, 2018 ~ Vol. 89 No. 12
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