March 28th, 2018 ~ Vol. 89 No. 13
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jeff paulson
Born in Cranbrook, BC, Jeff grew up with four older brothers, (two of whom have passed), whom he said, taught him many practical life skills -- including discipline. He is grateful to still have his 95-year-old mom. The family had lived in the Jaffray area and so, Jeff attended high school in Fernie.

Jeff claims that his teen years were his most happy, and that he had been something of a “social butterfly”. He enjoyed Social Studies, Science and English, and liked to write. He was active in baseball, softball and soccer, and bait fishing in rivers and lakes also became a favourite pastime.

After taking a business law course, Jeff went into the job market while still a teen. In addition, he had trained and become certified as a professional driver -- first, delivering freight.

Although the family did not travel outside of Canada, Jeff''s fascination with history has fuelled his desire to travel the world -- and especially “to see where early civilization got started”. The Holy Land would be his favourite destination.

Now divorced, Jeff has two adult daughters of whom he is very proud. He has endeavoured to instil in them the values of integrity, hard work, and the importance of helping others. Having worked for 9 years at the funeral home, Jeff set about redefining for himself the true meaning of life: that it is fragile and not to ever be taken for granted.
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Being a deeply spiritual man, he considers his life to be a gift from God, as is his strong faith and spirituality. For Jeff, the words of the bible are to be taken literally, as ultimate truth, and from where he derives a biblical perspective on all aspects of life.

Says Jeff, “ My inner faith is a gift from God, and lets me know that I am always loved, as we all are.” And if he were able to change the world in any way, he would have everyone acquire a similar faith in God and therefore, make a commitment to morality in all things.

Jeff has been in the Pass now for 45 years. The family had moved here because Jeff's late father wanted to set up a trucking operation. Currently, and for the past 17 years, Jeff has been a bus driver for Teck. He looks forward to retiring in a few months time, when he can then devote even more time to his kids. Jeff would also like to be more active outdoors, walking and hiking.
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Finally, the people he much admired in life have included JFK, whose demise impacted Jeff as a young boy greatly, and a couple of special teachers. And if he could have dinner with anyone living or historical, it would be Timothy Alberino -- a researcher, explorer and filmmaker who “travels the world in search of evidence relating to the true narrative of forbidden history”. Alberino has a decade of experience working in the Amazon Basin of Peru.

Jeff's boyhood dream had been to become a lawyer. Always deeply serious about the concept of justice and fairness for all, it is understandable that his favourite film is “Shawshank Redemption”.
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March 28th, 2018 ~ Vol. 89 No. 13
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