July 4th, 2018 ~ Vol. 89 No. 27
New recreation at York Creek Lodge: greenhouse and bird song
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Left photo: Bonnie and Clyde, the two yellow and green budgies, and Romeo and Juliet, the two blue and white, sit perched in a foyer at the York Creek Lodge. The budgies were recently adopted by the lodge to engage residents and add a bit of bird chirps in the halls. A seating area surrounds the budgies, where residents can sit and enjoy watching and listening to the birds. Photo by Anna Kroupina
Right photo: Lodge resident Ann Paulsen takes a stroll out to the new greenhouse located in the back courtyard. Photo by Annie Lok
Pass Herald Reporter
The wind outside created chilly weather that could rattle bones. But inside the new greenhouse at the York Creek Lodge courtyard, it was surprisingly calm, warm and, surrounded by fresh plants, invigorating.

The greenhouse is a new installment at the lodge, but it’s something that Annie Lok, Chief Administrative Officer at the lodge, has wanted to see come to life for a while.

“I wanted to create a nice space for the residents. It’s something where they could come out and enjoy away from the wind. They love it in here. They can sit here and just be in a quiet place, but outdoors,” she says.

Plants, herbs and flowers line the perimeter of the greenhouse, like peas, tomatoes, beans, beets, strawberries, herbs.

“Staff built the planters at this height so that residents don’t need to bend over if they want to do some weeding or planting,” says Lok.

Construction on the deck started in April 2018 and became accessible to residents at the beginning of June. Lok says they decided to place the greenhouse on a deck to make transportation easier once the new facility in Coleman is ready for moving in.
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To complete the greenhouse, the lodge still wants to install a self-watering system and put in more furniture to allow residents to sit and spend some time in the greenhouse.

The lodge received $8,000 from the New Horizons Seniors Program to fund the project and also received donations from the community and volunteer hours to put the project together.

Another new attraction at the lodge are Romeo, Juliet, Bonnie and Clyde – the two male and two female budgies that the lodge adopted last month.

A competition was held where residents voted on what to name the quartet, resulting in the reference to two of the world’s most infamous couples.
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“A lot of the residents that don’t usually come out and spend a lot of time in the common areas, we saw them coming out and staying longer around the budgie area,” says Lok. “They were listening to the birds, which is nice, relaxing and engaging,” says Lok.

The greenhouse and budgies are another aspect of adding something new to the lodge, says Lok, and adds that she is always trying to think of new ways to inspire and indulge the residents. The lodge is currently working on setting up a program with Parent Link where students could visit with residents and simply interact with them.
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July 4th, 2018 ~ Vol. 89 No. 27
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