July 25th, 2018 ~ Vol. 89 No. 30
Open your doors to Ghosts, Myths & Legends
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The fun-filled weekend where we celebrate our culture and history at the Crowsnest Pass Doors Open and Heritage Festival is coming up from August 2 to 6.
Each year, the Crowsnest Heritage Initiative comes up with a theme for the festival and this year, the theme got a little bit spooky.

“This is our 13th annual [event] and being the number 13, we thought we’d do something a little different and go with the ghosts, myths and legends theme,” says Crowsnest Heritage Initiative board member Ian McKenzie. “The Crowsnest Pass has a long, varied and quite a violent history and as a result, there are a lot of legends around the Pass. Some are misconceptions, which are myths, but there have also been reports of a lot of spirits in the Pass.”

There truly are so many stories to be told about spirits closely tied with the history of the Pass, for example legends about the Lost Lemon mine and the story of the mysterious death of Blackjack, or what really happened when Constable Lawson was killed.

Many stories are shrouded in mystery, some tinged with falsities, others brimming with unbelievable truth. They all have one thing in common though, they’re fun to share, to spook and to speculate about.

With both free and paid events, the culture, heritage, history and legends of Crowsnest Pass can be celebrated in a bunch of ways, some fun, others educational, and some of them, even spooky.

Last year, the Crowsnest Pass Doors Open & Heritage Festival had 35 partners that produced 38 different events. Each event recorded the attendance at their activity and in total, reached some 9,300 records.
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“Bringing people into the community to enhance the economy is certainly one of the goals of the Crowsnest Heritage Initiative, but we also like to celebrate history for its own sake. We like to keep alive some of the memories and remind people about some of the things that have gone on,” says McKenzie.

The launch event is a performance by the Heritage Youth Theatre Company that performed during the festival for the first time last year and was so successful, they were asked to come back for an encore.

“They will be doing an original performance that they created and wrote themselves,” says McKenzie. “It’s a combination of spoken word, interpretive dance and visual presentations. They're going to do three stories based on spirits, ghosts or myths within Crowsnest Pass.”

The performance, organized and lead by theatre professional Rebecca Dewey, is a free show that will take place at the MDM Community Centre.

The very popular guided bus tour is back, this year with a ghosts and myths theme where The Frank Slide Interpretive Centre’s Joey Ambrosi will host the guide through the Pass and share ghost stories along the way.

A new event this year celebrates the largest grapevine in the world, which happens to be growing right here in Crowsnest Pass at the SpringBreak Flower Farm in Hillcrest. The Wine & Dine Under the Vine event pairs fine wines from around the world with a tapas-style meal, enjoyed under the shaded canopy of the grapevine, of course.
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And for those craving an active outing, local guiding company Uplift Adventures will be taking a group up to the 1946 plane crash in the valley at the base of Mount Coulthard, another popular Crowsnest Pass legend where seven people were killed.

Uplift Adventures also has the “Race Up At Turtle Speed” hike where you get to take a look at the Frank Slide from a different vantage point – from up top.

Amid the new activities are the usual favourites that offer something for both locals and visitors alike. There’s the Country Market in Flumerfelt Park, the Teddy Bears’ Picnic for kids at the Crowsnest Museum, the Crowsnest Show n’ Shine in Blairmore and many self-guided walking tour opportunities.

Certain events require a pre-sign up. For scheduling, information on how to participate and the opportunity to sign up, visit cnpheritagefest.ca/schedule.

The Crowsnest Heritage Initiative is also interested in hearing your ghost stories! If you have encountered a mysterious or spooky experience and would like to share it, send an email to info@crowsnestheritage.ca.
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July 25th, 2018 ~ Vol. 89 No. 30
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