September 26th, 2018 ~ Vol. 89 No. 39
The faces of Crowsnest Pass servicemen and women
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An example of the photos that the Coleman Legion has received to date: Corporal Aaron Kozler, 2nd Battalion Royal Canadian.
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This Remembrance Day marks a special anniversary, 100 years since the signing of the Armistice that ended WWI, signed on November 11, 1918. That’s a colossal observance all on its own, but to commemorate local Crowsnest Pass servicemen and women, this year’s services will also look inwards.

As part of the commemorative ceremonies that the Coleman Legion Branch 9 plans annually, they will showcase a slideshow that will feature Crowsnest Pass men and women who have or are currently serving with the Canadian Armed Forces or the RCMP.

"We felt that it was a really big year for Remembrance Day and that was our primary focus, Remembrance Day and what it all means, but there are so many angles to approach this and I thought of all the community members that served in wartime and peace keeping missions and I thought it's not fair just to focus on Remembrance Day when our own community has given so much,” says Debby Greenwood, secretary treasurer at the Coleman Legion Branch 9. “I tried to think of a way we could honour our community veterans. I thought it would be so fun to have a slideshow that shows the faces of so many of the local residents that have served.”
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Greenwood is asking that people from the community submit photos, of themselves, friends or family that have served in the military or RCMP. The photo can be a formal picture or a fun “on the job” photo, but must be in uniform.

“I can hardly wait to turn the computer on to see the latest pictures I’ve received," says Greenwood. "The community pride that I feel when I look at these faces surprised me, even though I don't necessarily know them personally, but especially when it's people that you can relate to. Maybe it's the kid that my kids went to school with or someone I had just forgot about."

The public display project would serve as a reminder of local residents whose service, through the bustle of daily life, we may have forgotten or not known to begin with.

"Sometimes, you're in a store and you're dealing with a merchant and you don't know that he has a military background or maybe you forgot. So I thought that these people deserve a little acknowledgement for time served,” says Greenwood.
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The slideshow will play during cocktail hour at the November 10 Gala and the November 11 service at Crowsnest Consolidated High School as guests enter the building and socialize before the beginning of the event’s proceedings.

“We thought it would be a great way to salute these guys and give them a little bit of attention.” says Greenwood.

Photos can be submitted to Greenwood at the Coleman Legion No. 9 by emailing You can also bring it to the Coleman Legion where Greenwood will scan the photo.
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September 26th, 2018 ~ Vol. 89 No. 39
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