January 16th, 2019 ~ Vol. 89 No. 3
Museum Memberships and Volunteer opportunities
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This exhibit shows how a general store would be set up. The glass at the front allowed people to place their orders and avoid the language barrier of that time.
David Selles
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The history of the Crowsnest Pass is rich and full of amazing stories. These stories helped shape the Pass in incredible ways. From the history of mining, to the mark left by Emilio Picariello and Florence Lassandro and every thing in between, the Pass is what it is today because of its history. The Crowsnest Museum is a place where all this history is brought to the forefront, but it takes effort and time to bring that history to life.

Currently, the museum is looking for more help in the way of volunteers. The museum is holding a membership and volunteer drive on Jan. 23 where they hope more people will come and sign up.

“We’re hoping that people will come in and register and we’d be able to get a sense of their skill set and maybe generate some more volunteers,” said Pat Rypien, President of the Historical Society.

Volunteer hopefuls will be able to come by the Museum from ten to noon, one to three and six to eight to register for volunteering or to become members as well.
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There are also other events happening later in the year that will give people the opportunity to find a way to support and volunteer for the museum.

“As we move along throughout the year we have a few functions that come up. We have things like the casino fundraiser coming up soon and we did very well with that last year selling memberships,” said Rypien.

Rypien also says that some of what the museum participates in depends on the number of volunteers available.

“For a couple years we’ve tried to be involved in the parade but it’s always difficult because it revolves around how many volunteers we can get to help.”

The museum also tries to get people of all ages involved as well.

“During the Doors Open Festival we have our teddy bear picnic which is a really big selling point for younger families,” said Shannon Ingram, an Oral History Researcher currently with the museum.
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Rypien says that currently the Board has been pushed to work even harder due to the lack of volunteers and help.

“We’ve really had to take on a lot because we don’t have the volunteers. So we’re really going to try encourage people to volunteer and train them to do different things in the museum that would really help us.”

If you are willing to volunteer for the museum, you can do so by registering in person at the membership and volunteer drive on Jan. 23 at the allotted time slots. People can also donate to the museum and register to be a member online at www.crowsnestmuseum.ca/join-and-give.
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January 16th, 2019 ~ Vol. 89 No. 3
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