February 27th, 2019 ~ Vol. 89 No. 9
UROC Looking to move forward
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David Selles
Pass Herald Reporter
The United Riders of Crowsnest (UROC) are looking to continue molding the Crowsnest Pass into a premier mountain bike destination for visitors.

UROC is coming off a solid season with 150 members taking part in events last season and are looking to build on it moving forward.

UROC President Andrew Fairhurst presented council with some of the long-term plans the club has moving forward at a meeting on Tuesday February 19th.

During the presentation, Fairhurst explained that the club is looking to make the Crowsnest Pass a high level destination for mountain bikers.
Fairhurst says that this can only be made possible by not only maintaining the current trails around the area but by creating new trails.

One option the club is currently looking at is a proposed Epic trail that would immediately increase the credibility of mountain biking in the Crowsnest Pass.

Currently, the club promotes the trails the area currently has using the trailforks app for smartphones and updates the app when new trails are created to make sure potential visitors are aware of all the Pass has to offer.

The club also holds events throughout the year that allow members to enjoy times out on the trails.

There are four races coming to the Crowsnest Pass this summer, which will also allow UROC to display the trails in the area.
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UROC is in the process of trying to get approval to create a connecting trail from the Pass PowderKeg trails to the York Creek trails.

This would allow for riders to more easily access all the trails currently in the area.

In the presentation, Fairhurst told council there is currently about 85 kilometers of trail in the Crowsnest Pass, which simply isn’t enough to be a sufficient tourist destination for mountain bikers.

Creating the connecting trail and some others would be a big step in the right direction.

Fairhurst says that some of the trails UROC would like to see built are looking promising to have completed in the not too distant future.

“The projects we have on scope and would love to roll out for this year are well within carrying out in this summer’s build season.”

Fairhurst says that if the approval is made for the connecting trail between the Powderkeg and York Creek, the construction of that trail would take about six weeks and says UROC has already initiated an application with Alberta Environment and Parks to get that connector trail built.

One the larger scale of improvements, Fairhurst and UROC are really pushing for an Epic trail to be built somewhere in the Crowsnest Pass.

Currently the most likely trail destination would be around the Star-Girardi Basin that would see the trail run from the visitor information centre and loop into other trails further east.
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Fairhurst says a trail like this would take longer to create.

“An Epic trail could be well into a full year to before something like that would be completed.”

Fairhurst also adds that the final decision on a trail like this isn’t up to UROC.

“I could call making a trail like this a goal of ours but making a final decision of this is out of our hands.”

Fairhurst says UROC’s goal is to continue pushing for the Epic trail to be built and to maintain the momentum they currently have.

Fairhurst says that when it comes down to building the trail, it will have to be done with provincial funding and by a builder hired by the province.

UROC is continuing to look at other areas as well in order to make the Crowsnest Pass into a top location for mountain bikers of all levels to come and experience.
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February 27th, 2019 ~ Vol. 89 No. 9
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