April 24th, 2019 ~ Vol. 89 No. 17
MMA Fighter Melissa Croden Knocks Out Competition
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Melissa Croden, MMA fighter.
David Selles
Pass Herald Reporter
The Crowsnest Pass was well represented by MMA fighter Melissa Croden at Rumble in the Cage 61.

Croden won the fight with a Technical Knock Out in the third round of her championship fight.

This win gives Croden the opportunity to go to the world championships later this fall if she waits to turn pro.

Croden began her journey in MMA roughly six years ago after graduating as an EMT.

“I couldn’t really find a job and had to find something to fill my time with,” said Croden.

She began her training with local product Dan Miller at a gym in Calgary and never stopped.

“I started competing and slowly built up to a higher level. I had some tournaments and got prepared to enter the cage for the first time.

Croden says that when she was younger, did some taekwondo training and that some of those movements have transferred nicely into her MMA fighting.
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Croden’s training has taken her a few different places in the Pass and says that some of the areas she’s found herself in have ended up helping her in the cage.

“Before the gym opened in the Pass, we ere pretty much training wherever we could. Sometimes it would be the MDM before or after classes and sometimes we would go and train outdoors at parks if the weather was nice enough. It actually worked out well for me. When we were training in the community gym we were forced to work in a smaller space and had to be more aware of what was going on around us.”

The training seems to have paid off, as Croden was very pleased with how she fought.

“This fight was probably one of my best performances. I spent a little bit more time than I have in the past as far as ring time goes but I felt hyper technical in this fight. I stuck to my game plan; I was dominant throughout all the rounds.

Croden added that she felt she could feel herself having more control throughout the fight.

“I’ve always wanted to be a tactical fighter I guess. I’m starting to feel myself get towards that goal a little more.”
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As for the exposure she’s given the Crowsnest Pass, her coach Dan Miller says it’s the best kind of exposure possible.

“It's a good trajectory to show people how far they can take it. When you come to a community and are trying to get everyone aiming towards that common goal, it's good to know that goal is attainable. Having someone competing at the national level is good because it inspires people to want to do the same.”

Croden now has the decision of whether to turn pro now or after the amateur MMA worlds.

“We've discussed that a little bit. Right now I'll be looking for my pro debut fight hopefully before then. I've been looking for a pro fight for the last year and a half but I've had some trouble getting matched up at that level. So it's really just a waiting game at this point. You just kind of trust what comes and be smart about which fights you pick. I'm pretty eager to go pro right now so it's important to get that going soon because I want to be able to move on to bigger and better things.”
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April 24th, 2019 ~ Vol. 89 No. 17
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