May 22nd, 2019 ~ Vol. 89 No. 21
ISS students begin building of soapbox cars
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David Selles Photo
Grade 6 students at ISS are continuing to build their soapbox cars. The students are
currently in the process of putting the axles on their cars and the cars should be ready
to paint over the next couple of days.
David Selles
Pass Herald Reporter
The grade six students at ISS have begun the next step in creating their soapbox cars in preparation for the first race on June 21st at Bellecrest Days.

After creating their plans in April, the students are now beginning to build the cars.

ISS teacher Ian Crawford says the students are given one hour intervals over four days to complete the cars.

“This is the second day/hour that they've had time to work on their cars. Last week they started with the base piece that they've specified. Today the students have been putting the axles on and setting up for the steering connections. Some of them are putting on sides; some of them are creating the patterns for the nose and tails because they are custom shapes. With any luck they will be ready for tops and paint in the next two hours or so, which would be two days from now.”
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Crawford says if the students need more time, he’s prepared some time for them in mid June.

“They need to be completed by the 21st of June and I have four days scheduled. I'm hoping that's enough, if it's not I do have some extra time in the third week of June I can provide them. We do need to get them ready for the Friday the 21st because that's the day they are supposed to run.”

Finishing on time shouldn’t be much of a problem however as Crawford says the student’s excitement for this project is showing.

“There's no trouble getting these kids excited about this project at all. I've been telling them, and I think they're starting to realize, that what they're creating is a legacy for this community.
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Five years from now when they are in high school and maybe they are coming out to a race, they can point out to their friends that they built these cars and that kids five years younger than them are enjoying them now.

Crawford also says that awareness will be special for the students.
“I think it's really cool. When they finally realize what they've done is something more than just for themselves.”
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May 22nd, 2019 ~ Vol. 89 No. 21
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