June 6th, 2019 ~ Vol. 89 No. 23
Top Gunn celebrating 25 years of service
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After starting off renting a shop form Blairmore Turbo in August of 1994, Doug Gunn has now reached 25 years of service for residents of the Crowsnest Pass.

Gunn began his journey in the Pass after moving here from Medicine Hat.

Shortly after the move, Gunn rented out a shop and began repairing vehicles as a mechanic.

His business continued to grow and Gunn eventually bought his own shop and has moved again since.

“After two years in the Blairmore Turbo, I bought a shop in Coleman on Main Street in June of 1996. Then I bought the building I’m in now in June of 2001. So I've had 18 years here.”

Gunn says the growth of his business has grown steadily over his time in the area.

“I started out with nothing. I was just renting a place with my tools and then it grew. I've had as many as 9 employees. Only have four right now and that's how I want it.”

Gunn wasn’t always independent either.

“I used to be a Bumper to Bumper in the building I’m at now. From 02-05 we were that and then I went independent and took down the Bumper to Bumper sign and we just called it Top Gunn Auto Parts and Top Gunn Mechanical.”

The type of business he runs has also changed over the years.
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Gunn went independent in 2005 after spending three years as part of Bumper to Bumper and named his

Gunn started out as mostly a repair shop and now has switched over to more of a retail store.

“There have been kind of four different types of business over the years. Originally in Blairmore I was just repair for two years, the five years I spent in Coleman was mostly repair with a little bit of parts sales. Then I came here in 2001 with a Bumper to Bumper store and a full repair shop. In 2010 I reduced the repair shop and went with more retailing by introducing power sports parts.”

Gunn says once they began getting into the power sports parts, the retail side of things became more of a focus.

“We got into power sports products when we renovated and expanded our showroom in 2010. That's when we got more into retail because that's when we started selling quad, snowmobile and bike parts. “

Last year, Gunn also added Stihl products as well.

Gunn says it’s important for his customers to know that throughout his time as a business owner in the Pass, he’s done everything to the highest standards.
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“We care. We’ll always do our best. We like the repeat business. We do quality. Everything is high quality. I've never done shoddy workmanship of any kind. It's all high quality or else I won't do it. It’s kind of my motto.
To show appreciation for his customers, Gunn is currently planning a barbeque celebration.

“We're going to have a big barbeque and customer appreciation day on June 7th, 12pm-6pm. I invite all customers and friends to pop by. We're going to have three or four good door prizes as well including a chainsaw, a camping lounge chair and maybe a helmet and FOX coat.”

Gunn will also have a poster up at his store with some of the history of his business.

He’ll include some pictures of each shop he was in as well as what dates they were at those locations.
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June 6th, 2019 ~ Vol. 89 No. 23
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