July 3rd, 2019 ~ Vol. 89 No. 27
Bylaw regarding Cannabis sale locations struck
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David Selles
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Council held an extensive discussion surrounding the proposed Bylaw 1029, 2019 Public Parks Definitions and Refinements of Cannabis Retail Use Setbacks at last Tuesday’s council meeting.

The discussion began with a public hearing allowing residents to come forward and state why the setbacks in place needed to be changed.

One resident who came forward to speak to council said the main reason these setbacks needed change was due to how they limit the number of stores that could be created in the pass.

Currently, there is only one store in the entirety of the Crowsnest Pass that will be opening.

The concerned resident spoke about the hurt that could potentially cause the community.
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“This really comes down to monopolies. If we don't change our zoning bylaw we are essentially handing over a monopoly over to the one store that has been allowed to exist. This is because our setback rules are so restrictive that all the commercial locations are within these setbacks.”
The resident went on to talk about how the community is limited including liquor stores, residences and daycares being too close to potential shop locations.

Allowing competition within the Pass was also brought up as a positive during the public hearing as the resident said it would limit the amount of purchases on the black market and would also help create well maintained stores in order to draw more business in.

Under the bylaw after first reading, potential cannabis stores needed to be certain distances from liquor stores and daycares as well as residences.

After hearing the public message during the hearing, council then brought back the topic later in the council meeting and discussed it further.
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Administration recommended to council that the separation distance between Liquor stores and Retail Cannabis Stores be eliminated, to facilitate more opportunity for Highway Commercial Retail Cannabis Stores.

After much more discussion and deliberation, Councillor Filipuzzi said he would still like to see a setback for cannabis sales in residential area to which administration responded by saying how difficult that process would be.

Administration informed council that there is almost no commercial property that isn’t adjacent to residential areas and that a requirement like that would make it difficult to allow more stores in the Crowsnest Pass.

In the end, Councillor Filipuzzi made a motion to pass second reading and the motion was defeated which in turn defeated the entire bylaw.

There is now a need to create a new bylaw regarding cannabis sales in the Crowsnest Pass.
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July 3rd, 2019 ~ Vol. 89 No. 27
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