July 3rd, 2019 ~ Vol. 89 No. 27
Mystery Towns game coming to Crowsnest Pass
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David Selles
Pass Herald Reporter
A new game is coming to the Crowsnest Pass.

Mystery Towns is a game where people purchase the Crowsnest Pass version online to receive a code which users can put into the Mystery Towns App on their smart devices and follow the game from there.

The app is free but it costs $59 a team when receiving the code online.

Heather Davis, Owner of Uplift Adventures and one of the many people involved in the creation of this game, says the game combines a few different games people may know.

“The game is part scavenger hunt, part Amazing Race and part mystery.”

The creation of this game began a while ago and Davis ended up partnering with the Crowsnest Museum to bring the game to life.

“This started last year with Uplift Adventures when they started doing historical tours in downtown Blairmore. I was looking for a way to make them a little more fun for more people. There's a lot of good information but it was just about how we could make it more engaging for people. I started looking around and seeing what other areas were doing and found a company called Mystery Towns. I met with them last year and we started chatting and I started figuring out how we could implement something like this in the Crowsnest Pass. I was talking with the Museum as well and we found a grant through the Tourism Growth Innovative Fund and we applied and ended up getting some money from this grant.”
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There are certain requirements for the game as well.

Depending on whether a person has a iPhone or Android, they will need an iPhone that is running iOS 10.3 or later and for Androids it needs to be running 4.4 or later in order for the game to work on the device.

Once the first person has received the first clue, players can then add other phones so multiple people can see the clues and follow along.

Davis says she sees potential with this new game in the area.

“When I look at this game I think it's the community playing it rather than just Uplift Adventures and the museum.”

Davis says this game couldn’t have happened without many people but says there’s one in particular who deserves some credit in the creation process.

“Erin Fairhurst is a huge part of this game. Erin Fairhurst was our creative writer. She played a great role in the process. There are so many people that are being a part of this game and making it happen and make a really fun experience for people either visiting the area or want to do something different on their evening.”

Davis says the game is playable for all ages but that younger people may struggle do to it being reading and clue based.

According to Davis, the game takes about three to four hours to complete and is best played in teams of two to four people.

Davis says it can be done individually or in larger groups as well but that it seems to work better in the smaller range.
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This specific version of the Mystery Towns game is based entirely in Downtown Blairmore and while there is technically potential for another game to be created in Coleman, Davis says it likely won’t happen in the near future.

“I would say that a game in Coleman wouldn't happen anytime soon but if it goes well in Blairmore, we could definitely create another game.”

One addition to this creation is that there will be a small version of the game available to play at the Crowsnest Museum as well.

Davis is hoping that the game will be launched on the evening of July 3rd.
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July 3rd, 2019 ~ Vol. 89 No. 27
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