August 28th, 2019 ~ Vol. 89 No. 35
Riversdale Update
Crowsnest Pass Herald Front Page
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Grassy Mountain Coal Mine near Crowsnest Pass, Alberta, Canada
David Selles
Pass Herald Reporter
Riversdale Resources provided council with another update regarding the Grassy Mountain Coal Project on Wednesday, August 21.

The update included the topics of recruitment, the regulatory process as well as a short update on the golf course access road.

Claire Rogers, Senior Manager of Public Relations for Riversdale says they are currently looking to expand the team.

“We're currently a team of 23. We are currently recruiting for a CEO and CFO to be based in Calgary as well as an Engineering Manager for civil and earthworks work for the project team.”

As for where things sit in the regulatory process, Gary Houston, Vice President External Affairs, says the process is continuing to move along.
“At our last meeting we indicated that the Joint Review Panel (JRP) had asked us to respond to a number of questions. On July 12 we provided a 2000 page response. The original application was 7000 pages and we are now up to about 14,000 pages in the entire regulatory application with all the addenda's so it's fairly significant. The JRP came back on August 2nd and indicated that they would like us to elaborate on a few of the questions. We are in the process of responding and we expect to file our submission to the JRP before September 6.”
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Houston says that once they file that information, Riversdale expects the JRP will post the 2000 plus pages on the website for a 45 day public comment period as well as comments from the federal and provincial regulatory bodies.

“Once the information is posted to the public register we anticipate they will either ask additional questions or they may announce a public hearing,” added Houston.

As for the golf course access road, Rogers says earthworks is ongoing and construction of the road and the upgrade to the intersection at 129th and highway 3 is slated to begin soon.

Council was also given the opportunity to ask questions during the meeting.

Councillor Ward asked about how soon the public will receive more information regarding the railway location of the rail underpass under the highway and more defined information on the load out itself.

Rogers says there is information on both in the project application and visuals are made available at all public sessions.

“There are conceptual designs for the loadout in the application, which are available online on the public register. There is also information available on our website. We've had some questions about the exact location for the proposed underpass so we will look at developing a new map to clarify that location.”
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Councillor Anctil asked for clarity regarding the dirt on the old golf course visible from the highway and was told that all the dirt seen in that area of the course is excess dirt from the construction of the new golf course access road.

Houston also received one question from the public in attendance regarding the timeframe of approval for the project.

“The process is that we have a hearing that we anticipate will last one or two weeks. After that time the JRP has to write their report and make a recommendation to the federal government who will ultimately approve the final project. It’s very hard to predict when a decision will be made,” said Houston.

The JRP has also requested an aerial tour of the project area as well as a site visit during the week of September 23, 2019 and is giving the public an opportunity to provide comments on the proposed visit until September 4.

Riversdale’s next update will take place on October 16th at 1:30 in Council chambers.
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August 28th, 2019 ~ Vol. 89 No. 35
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