October 23rd, 2019 ~ Vol. 89 No. 43
October Climax
Simply Selles by David Selles
David Selles
Pass Herald Reporter
I figure everyone will be fairly tired of all the election drama by the time anyone reads this so I’m choosing to write my column politics free.

Instead, I’m going to write about why October is my favourite month of the year and spoiler alert, it may not be for the reasons you think.

While I enjoy the outdoors and the colours of leaves and glistening of snow (let’s be real, no one really loves the glistening of snow in the October. That’s why we have winter), the real reason I love it is because it’s the climax of the sports season.

Every major sport is in some part of their season during October.
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Hockey is back after a two-month hiatus, the NFL and CFL are in full swing, the NBA starts back up, this year with Canada’s Raptors as the title defenders and the best of all, October means playoff baseball.

I’ve never been as into baseball as hockey or basketball, but there’s something to be said about baseball in October.

For some reason the excitement level increases dramatically.

There seems to be more walk off home runs, extra innings and just sheer excitement.

October baseball is the best baseball.

For hockey and basketball, October signals the start of a new season with new champions defending their title and a fresh start for every team.
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Fans of every team, at least for a few games, feel their team has a chance to compete for a playoff spot.

This year, the Toronto Raptors are the defending champions in the NBA, which makes this season even more exciting.

On the football side of things, the CFL is nearing playoff time and the NFL is nearing the midway mark of the season.

Depending on how your favourite CFL team is doing, (I’m a Lions fan and am not able to look forward to playoff football) you can switch your focus onto the NFL.

Both leagues have different styles and different things to appreciate about them.

As a sports fan, no month beats October.

Sure June has the NBA Finals and Stanley Cup playoffs, April has the Masters and February has the Super Bowl, but October has a little bit of everything, including the World Series.

For a sports fan, there’s simply nothing better than October.
October 23rd, 2019 ~ Vol. 89 No. 43
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