November 13th, 2019 ~ Vol. 89 No. 46
Simply Selles by David Selles
David Selles
Pass Herald Reporter
I was able to experience another perk of a small town community this past week.

Since I bought my Jeep at the beginning of the year, I’ve had to replace the water pump, a sensor and now my battery.

The small town feel began for me when I had a photo to get at the high school and my Jeep didn’t start.

I went back to the office and explained my vehicle wouldn’t start.

Before I could say I was about to email the high school to let everyone for the photo know I couldn’t make it, a lovely co-worker didn’t hesitate to offer up her car and off I went to grab the photo.
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That show of kindness only begins to describe how this community can help one another.

Later that day, I phoned my brother-in-law who owns his own shop and told me that all I needed was a new battery and that it wasn’t that hard to put a new one in.

I also phoned my dad who echoed the same thing and off I went to buy a battery.

After purchasing the battery I went back and waited a couple hours before I was warm enough to try and switch out the batteries.
(Of course it had to die on one of the colder days in a while.)

It was right about 4:30 in the afternoon when I realized I simply didn’t have the knowledge or ability to change the battery on my own so I called Ritchie Parts and Mechanical to see if there was any way they could help me out.

I asked if there was a way someone could come to me as my battery didn’t even want to get boosted by a battery back I had.

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Without hesitation, said he would be there to help me out as soon as he could.

Once he arrived and attempted to swap out the batteries, he realized that one of my bolts holding the connector on the battery was too worn and wouldn’t come loose on it’s own.

So with the extra power from his truck, he boosted me and met me at the shop.

Now wit was right around 5:00pm and the closing time for his shop but he still made sure my new battery was in and I was on my way again with a Jeep that ran smoothly.

Experiencing this type of service and kindness just shows the amazing hospitality a community like the Crowsnest Pass can have.

With how at home everyone has made me feel so far, I might never leave this place.
November 13th, 2019 ~ Vol. 89 No. 46
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