December 4th, 2019 ~ Vol. 89 No. 49
Pass Pottery Club celebrating 45 years
Crowsnest Pass Herald Front Page
David Selles
Pass Herald Reporter
The Pass Pottery Club is celebrating 45 years in the Crowsnest Pass on Saturday, December 7th.

The club will be hosting a sale from 9am-3pm and will also have a draw along with tea, coffee and cookies for people who go as well.

Current President, Sandy Nielsen, says the club is more of a hobby club but members can continue to grow and start their own studios.

“We're a hobby potting group and some people who want to get serious and start their own studios, they can come here and they learn and then they can start their own studios.”

Nielsen says the club holds three sales throughout the year to provide an outlet for the things they create.

Another yearly occurrence is having the wellness group come spend time with the club.

“We usually have the wellness group from town come and spend a couple days with us. They'll come in and we'll make trays or vases. This year we made fairy houses. They all turned out really good,” said Nielsen.
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Nielsen says the club also makes and donates the bowls for the annual chili bowl festival.

“One of the other things we do every year is the chili bowl festival in February. We make 250 chili bowls and donate them each year.”

The club holds multiple classes for members throughout the year as well.

“We had a beginner wheel throwing in the spring and another one in the fall and we had a hand building class as well,” said Nielsen.

The club also brings in guest instructors to help elevate the creations club members work on throughout the year.

“We have guest instructors come as well for the beginner classes and then we have mentoring as well. To keep the older members happy we have a lot of really fantastic instructors and professional potters coming in from all over,” said Nielsen.

According to Nielsen, the club tries to find out what everyone is interested in at the beginning of the year to ensure everyone enjoys the club classes.

“We try find out what everyone is interested in, what they want to learn and then find an instructor to come and teach us something new. We're always learning here.”
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Nielsen says the pottery club is one of the cheaper options for people looking to be involved in the community in different ways.

“We are probably the cheapest club and the only reason we can do that is because we have so many good volunteers plus we do the casino every three years and that helps us buy all the glazes and equipment we need.”

There are age restrictions for the classes and memberships however.

“Because the kilns are so hot and some of the chemicals are toxic, you have to be 16 to take the class and 18 to join the club,” said Nielsen.

The pottery club also made donation boxed for the SPCA a couple years ago and those boxes are still located in different areas of the community.

“That was one of the good things we've done in the past as well,” said Nielsen.

After 45 years in the community, Nielsen says the club, as a whole is just happy to be here.

“We're just so thankful we have this club here. It is such a fantastic club for everyone here.”
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December 4th, 2019 ~ Vol. 89 No. 49
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