January 22, 2020, 2020 ~ Vol. 90 No. 3
Cold vs Snow
Simply Selles by David Selles
David Selles
Pass Herald Reporter
I’m very happy to report that we are officially out of the deep freeze!!

Last week was one of the worst I’ve ever been a part of weather wise.

Having it be between minus 25 and minus 35 all week really did a number on me.

Now, I’m a person who doesn’t usually mind the cold all that much.

Sometimes, you’ll see me strolling around town in shorts and a hoodie when it’s only about seven or eight degrees outside.

However, when it’s as cold as it was last week, even I pull out the extra blankets and do my best burrowing impression.

The cold was also a factor in whether or not my Jeep would run.

I missed the start of the cold snap and needed to be boosted the first time I had to go anywhere and then after that was forced to improvise to make sure my vehicle would start.

Since I live in an apartment building, I’m parking in a back parking lot where there’s nowhere to plug in.

This meant heading outside at 11 at night every day to run my Jeep for a few minutes to warm it up, charge the battery and hopefully last until morning.
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So out I went every night last week, trudging through the snow drifts on the sidewalk, to my Jeep.

I followed that up by heading out first thing in the morning around 6:30 to start it up again.

Luckily that worked for the entire week.

While it was frustrating that doing this was the only way my vehicle would start every day, there were other people who were probably worse off than I was.

After all, I had a warm apartment to head back to once my Jeep was warm again.

If you can believe it, we didn’t even have the worst weather over the last while.

I’m sure most of you reading this have seen photos and videos out of Newfoundland by now.

The amount of frozen water that fell from the sky there over the weekend was simply astounding.

I’ve never seen anything like that before and I’m hoping I never see anything like that in person!

So much snow had fallen and blown around that when people opened their front doors, garages or windows, all they saw was packed snow.
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Some people made the most of it and used it as beer fridges (how Canadian of them) and some people slowly made their way outside to learn their cars were buried under 25 foot snow drifts.

There were videos of people snowboarding through the streets of St. Johns because there was nothing else to do and no other available mode of transportation.

It will take weeks for people to get back to any kind of normalcy there.

So whether you’re a fan of winter or not, I’m sure after seeing what happened in Newfoundland, us Southern Albertans would be far more willing to take more weeks of bitter cold than a dump of snow like that.
I know I would!
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January 22, 2020, 2020 ~ Vol. 90 No. 3
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