February 26th, 2020 ~ Vol. 90 No. 8
Order of Crowsnest and Outstanding Youth Awards
David Selles
Pass Herald Reporter
Nominations are now open for the Order of Crowsnest Pass awards.

The Order of Crowsnest Pass award has been presented annually since 1983 to an individual who exemplifies outstanding dedication to volunteerism in our community.

The primary purpose of this award is to thank and honor people who donate their time to help others by supporting the causes they believe in and inspiring others to engage in volunteer service.

This is an individual who has made outstanding contributions to the community with their exceptional volunteer efforts and who has generously given their time to community organizations and/or committees, community sports and/or recreation or community leisure activities.

In 2012, the Outstanding Youth Award was created to acknowledge the contributions youth add to volunteerism in our community and their school.

The Crowsnest Pass Outstanding Youth Award recognizes youth between the ages of 12 and 18 years who make positive contributions to the community and their school on a volunteer basis.

The youth award also comes with a $1,000 scholarship from the municipality.

We recognize the importance of acknowledging and celebrating the achievement and involvement of our youth throughout the year.
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People who nominate someone for an award will need to fill out a nomination package.

Packages can be found on the municipalities website or through Kim Lewis.

For the forms to be complete, Lewis says there is general information needed but also two letters of support that are required.

“We have a nomination package that is available on our website or they can contact me for a package. There's a nomination form that gathers general information like their name, phone number and email. Then we ask for two letters of support to accompany the completed nomination form.”

The letters of support should describe the volunteer efforts and activities performed by the nominee, what’s exceptional about the nominee’s contributions, how they demonstrated their commitment to community/organization, how they inspire others in the community/organization through their volunteering efforts and why the nominee should be this year’s recipient.

Lewis says the selection is made by a committee and discussion is had on who should be the recipients.

“The FCSS board is the selection committee. We mark the applications based on the criteria that's laid out in the nomination package. We look to see if they’re focused on different areas of volunteerism or is it concentrated on one area. We meet and we do a selection based on the nomination forms that we get.”
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Lewis also says that the recipients aren’t aware of the fact they’ve won the award until the awards night.

“We try to keep it a surprise for the recipients. We'd let the people who nominated them know and then it's their responsibility to get them there.”

The Mayor will make presentation of the awards to each recipient during the celebration of our community volunteers at the Volunteer Appreciation Night event on Friday, April 3, 2020.

List of previous Order of the Crowsnest Pass winners:

1983 – Bill Kovach
1984 – Tony Coccioloni
1984 – Flora Mickles
1984 – Thelma Lee
1984 – Melville Cornett
1985 – Wilf Milburn
1987 – Roy Upton
1988 – Becky Fabro
1989 – Madeline Pinkney
1990 – Kay Kerr
1991 – Daryl Ferguson
1992 – Nestor Chorney
1993 – Inger Pedersen
1994 – Jerry Rejman
1995 – Anne Spatuk
1996 – Norm Hanson
1997 Carolyn Hobson
1998 – Betty Walmsley
1999 – Clarence Morrow
2000 – Vivian Strandquist
2001 – Ernie Fantin
2002 – Tony Vastenhout
2003 – Jerry Lonsbury
2004 – Corey Hill
2005 – Ritch Braun
2008 – Gail Sygutek
2009 – Joey Ambrosi
2010 – Aggie Mitchell
2011 – Otto Krug
2012 – Helen Juhlin
2013 – Jane Ann Reimer
2014 – Margaret Ann Woodward
2014 – Margaret Stolk
2015 – Joe Trotz
2015 – Rudy Pagnucco
2015 – Irene Filafilo
2016 – Belle Kovach
2017 – John Clarke
2018 – Darryl Johnson
2019 – Judy Cooke
2019 – Jim Lucas

List of previous Order of the Crowsnest Pass Outstanding Youth winners:

2012 – Chloe Rothlin
2013 – Anna Koevoet
2014 – Kiana Miskulin
2015 – Stephanie Duarte-Pedrosa
2016 – Keynan Fraser
2017 – Erin Cnossen
2018 – Aimee Lahoda
2019 – Maeve Rothlin

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February 26th, 2020 ~ Vol. 90 No. 8
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