March 11, 2020 ~ Vol. 90 No. 10
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Crowsnest Pass Municipal Council from left tor right: Councillors Marlene Anctil, Dave Filipuzzi, Doreen Glavin, Mayor Blair Painter, Councillors Lisa Sygutek, Gordon Lundy and Dean Ward.
David Selles
Pass Herald Reporter
The following topics were discussed at the Regular Council meeting on Tuesday, March 3rd.

Crowsnest Crossing Commercial Site

The Municipality owns a 6.25-acre parcel in Blairmore that was the location of the old hospital. The site is strategically located adjacent to the Tim Horton’s/Crowsnest Crossing development. However, the Municipality requires a comprehensive plan to actively attract an investor. Previous site designs and sales efforts have not resulted in securing both investment and development. The proposed Comprehensive Marketing Strategy represents the Municipality’s best opportunity to see development occur on the site and includes Site Planning (2 concept designs), Retail and Commercial Market Gap Analysis, Hotel Study and Marketing Outputs. Investment and development of the site could return both a one-time cash payment to the Municipality as well as significant yearly taxes. Ensuring financial sustainability is a goal of Council.
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The sale and development of significant commercial sites, such as the subject site (10509 - 20th Ave), requires extra effort when the site is not located in high traffic/high visibility locations such as Highway 2 in the vicinity of Calgary and Edmonton. Attracting development and commercial investment outside of these core urban centres requires more upfront work and investment by the owner (in this case the Municipality). Recognizing the more peripheral location of the subject site, the Municipality needs to fill market research gaps to accelerate property sale and community economic impact. Following a Council workshop with experts in marketing/economic development and community planning there was acknowledgement that the site requires upfront work by the Municipality to ensure the site gets developed. The proposed approach to the Comprehensive Marketing Strategy is to develop highly attractive outputs that present a clear vision for the site. Depending on final development details, the site conceptually could accommodate roughly 90,000 square feet of commercial development, with a roughly estimated assessment value of $12,000,000. At current municipal non-residential tax rates, this represents an approximate $150,000/yr municipal (only) tax revenue, plus sale of the property at a current assessed valued of $1,100,000. This could be higher or lower depending on actual site development, land use mix on the site and other variables unknown at this time. Chief Administrative Officer, Patrick Thomas, says council chose to go this direction because there was very limited interest in the past.
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“There has been a for sale sign on the lot for several years now with limited interest generated.”

Thomas also said that the previous alignment of the highway three twinning did affect the property but the new alignment will not put a constraint on the parcel.

Council has now chosen to take a lead in how the property will be developed to maximize the potential for the parcel and the community. This will be informed by market analyzes and utilizing consultants who specialize in planning and economic development.

Secondary Suites

Council talked briefly about moving forward with collecting more information regarding secondary suites. During discussion, the topic of garden suites was also brought up and council decided to include both secondary and garden suites in the information they’d like brought back to them. Councillor Ward made a motion that council direct administration to explore the options and possibilities of secondary suites and garden suites. The motion was carried.
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March 11, 2020 ~ Vol. 90 No. 10
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