September 2nd, 2020 ~ Vol. 90 No. 35
Fortis to upgrade power lines in Crowsnest Pass
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FortisAlberta will continue with its electrical distribution system conversion in the Municipality of Crowsnest Pass starting in late August.
Communications Advisor, Mona Bartsoff, says the upgrades are necessary to ensure Fortis' entire system is aligned.

"We've purchased the distribution system in the area in 2016. We realized the system needed to be brought up to the same technology that would align with the rest of our distribution system so we're putting in new poles and new wires to accomplish that.

This will be Phase 3 of the upgrades in the Crowsnest Pass area."

In 2018, Phase 1 involved the construction of a new power line on the north side of Highway 3 towards Blairmore's main street.

It aligned the system with FortisAlberta's electrical standards and created an alternate power source for Crowsnest Pass customers, ensuring reliability.
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In 2019, Phase 2 involved replacing power lines and poles in Blairmore on the east of town between 18 and 19 Avenues and 132 and 135 Streets.

This year's work will also be in Blairmore.

"This year all of our work will be concentrated in several spots in Blairmore all south of the railway," said Bartsoff.

The project will be done in different sections over the next few months and Fortis will be providing signage to make people aware of the work being done in their area.

"What we've decided to do is as we're doing the project we'll be putting up signs on the power poles that tell people we'll be working in the area. Eventually we'll have gone through Blairmore and brought it up to the standard of the rest of our system."

Currently there is one crew working in the area but Bartsoff says there will be three crews working on this project shortly.
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When the new power lines are built and before they are energized, those impacted by a power outage to energize the new line, will be contacted at least 72-hours in advance by phone.

Before work starts in an area, residents who will be affected will be contacted by Fortis.

"We would recommend that people who are wondering if Fortis has their correct contact info to call us at 403-310-9473 and make sure so residents will be aware of any power outages."

Weather permitting, this work will be completed by the end of November.

Bartsoff also says that potential emergencies in other parts of the grid could affect the length of this project as crews may be pulled to emergency outages.

If anyone has any questions or concerns, they can contact Fortis at 403-310-9473.
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September 2nd, 2020 ~ Vol. 90 No. 35
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