September 16th, 2020 ~ Vol. 90 No. 37
Family and Friends
Simply Selles by David Selles
David Selles
Pass Herald Reporter
This past weekend was another great one for me.

I was able to get outside every day and enjoy some quality time with friends and family.

On Friday, I started with a round of golf in Lethbridge with a friend.

It was my first ever round with multiple pars in it and I ended up winning the round by one stroke.

The weekend couldn’t have started any better.

On Saturday, I took part in an Amazing Race that was put on by my church in Lethbridge.

I was on a team with my dad, my two oldest nephews and the friend I had golfed with on Friday.

Every time my church has put on an Amazing Race in the past, I’ve come out victorious.

This year, unfortunately, was different.

There were many great challenges the organizers came up with.
The first challenge was a basketball challenge, which if I’m being honest, I should’ve completed faster than I did, but nonetheless my team left challenge one in third place.

We quickly made up ground on the second challenge were teams needed to drive to Galt Gardens and take a photo with all team members in it in front a statue and then find the next clue close by.
We left that challenge in second place.

The third challenge found us in Indian Battle Park where one team member had to count the stairs from the bottom of the coulee to the gazebo on the top.

My friend was able to get it on his second time up the stairs, which was enough to have us leaving for our next challenge in first place.
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After travelling to the West side for our next challenge and having one team pass us on the way, we made it to challenge number four slightly behind team as team number two.

My team was able to complete the challenge quickly and was leaving for the next challenge tied for first place.

Challenge five lead us to our church where one person had to either search for 63 coins in a large bowl of spaghetti or each small cups of rice crispies while looking for a symbol on the bottom.

We left that challenge slightly behind one team in second place.

We ended up battling with the same team for most of the race.

Challenge six took us to the local cenotaph to look for specific names.

We left that challenge in first place and headed to Henderson Lake for Challenge seven.

This challenge is where we ran into our first bit of trouble.

This challenge was a head to head challenge and we faced the same team we’d been battling since the start.

The head to head challenge was building a small puzzle.

The team that completed it first was able to move on and the team who didn’t was forced to wait for the next team to arrive before being able to try and complete the puzzle again.

We ended up being passed by a second team and left challenge seven in third place.
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Challenge eight was quick and got us back in a groove as we all had to recite a song before being given our next clue.

Challenge nine then took us to the Enmax Centre where we had to complete a quiz.

It didn’t take us too long and we were on our way to the final challenge feeling optimistic.

The final challenge was either extremely easy or extremely difficult depending on the awareness of teams throughout the race.

I noticed when doing the first challenge that there was a small flag on the ground.

Having watched previous seasons of the Amazing Race I figured that those would come into play later on in the race.

I was correct.

Each challenge had a different flag at it and the final challenge was to put those flags in order.

When we arrived at the final challenge, only one of the two teams in front of us had realized there were flags everywhere as well.

We managed to finish the challenge the fastest of any group but unfortunately it wasn’t enough to give us the win.

After penalty minutes were added on for skipping difficult challenges and asking for hints, my team ended up finishing in second place.

It was still a great afternoon.

My Sunday was then spent on yet another hike in beautiful Crowsnest Pass.

Two of my sisters came out Sunday morning and we hiked to Window Mountain Lake.

The smoke definitely put a damper (no pun intended) on our hike but we were still able to enjoy some beautiful scenery at the lake and I even jumped in for a short swim.

I’m glad I was able to enjoy another jam-packed weekend of fun with family and friends.

It’s truly a blessing to have my family so close while also living the mountain life.
September 16th, 2020 ~ Vol. 90 No. 37
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