October 7th, 2020 ~ Vol. 90 No. 40
Simply Selles by David Selles
David Selles
Pass Herald Reporter
There are finally some signs that things are beginning to get back to normal around the world.

While some parts are still seeing large numbers of Covid-19 cases each day, others are seeing case numbers drop.

One of the things I’m paying attention to the most when it comes to Covid-19 is whether fans are being allowed in stadiums and arenas for sporting events.

The NHL recently completed their season in a bubble in Edmonton.

Over the entire course of the playoffs, there were no positive tests for any players or team staff and everyone was tested daily.

The NBA is also close to finishing their season in a bubble in Orlando and has also managed to pull it off with no positive tests.

With those two leagues finishing up, Major League Baseball is a few days into their postseason.

MLB decided not to attempt a bubble and instead have teams fly to each city and play games like any other year.
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This was a sort of sense of normalcy as a sports fan seeing a league continue on in their normal format but baseball did run into some problems early on.

When players were first getting to their organizations and cities players were testing positive for Covid-19. It wasn’t long before multiple teams were forced to postpone games due to high numbers of players testing positive.

This was the first time I figured baseball would be forced to shut their season down.

After a few weeks of teams being together, the case numbers dropped and they have had success in keeping their players and staff healthy and the season will be completed.

The final question mark was the NFL.

Since their seasons start later than all other sports, no one was really sure how they were going to approach the start of their regular season.
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It turns out the NFL chose to start like any other year and so far have only had to postpone one game through three weeks of play.

Some NFL teams even have limited numbers of fans in their stadiums and there have been very few positive cases reported.

These signs make me hopeful that soon I’ll be able to attend a WHL game again in Lethbridge.

Of course the first year I’m able to buy season tickets a global pandemic hits.

I’m hopeful that in a few months, people will be able to gather in slightly larger crowds and that I’ll be able to attend a live sporting event.

It hasn’t been a fun stretch for anyone but with more and more areas seeing positive results recently, I’m hopeful we’ll have those soon too.
October 7th, 2020 ~ Vol. 90 No. 40
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