April 21th, 2021 ~ Vol. 91 No. 16
Crowsnest Community Market ready for big year
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David Selles
Pass Herald Reporter
The Crowsnest Community Market is hoping for one of their biggest years yet.

Market Manager, Kim Cunningham, says they’ve increased the number of markets that will be held this year.

"We've extended the Market this year. Normally we don't start until the end of June in the park in Blairmore. We've decided to start early this year. We have 32 markets going on this year."

The first Market took place last week Thursday and the final market will be held at the end of November.

There will also be a Christmas Market this year on the first weekend in December.

The markets will begin indoors.

"From now until June 17th, we're in the Elks Hall. For the summer we'll move to the park and then for the fall we'll move back to the Elks Hall," said Cunningham.

For all indoor markets, Cunningham says there will be limitations.

“With the Elks Hall, we have Covid restrictions. We're limited to a certain number of vendors because we have to space them out. We're also limited for capacity as well."

Cunningham says there will be 23 vendor tables while in the Elks Hall and there will be a capacity of 30 visitors at one time.

Masks will be mandatory to enter the market at Elks Hall with no exceptions.

"Because of all the restrictions going on right now, Alberta Health is letting us have the market as long as we follow strict guidelines."
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There will also be a need to sign in to the market when attending.

"For contact tracing, people will need to sign in. I know a lot of people don't like giving their name and phone number so we've decided that we'll do a draw for anyone who puts their name in. We have a thing called Market Bucks. We do a draw for that and the winner can take those and spend them at any vendor at the market."

Cunningham added that there may be a small wait to get into the market due to the capacity limitations.

"Hopefully everyone is patient in case they have to wait outside for a bit."

For this year, most vendor spots for the markets filled up fast.

"We put out the registration forms in late March to all vendors we've had in the past and the first 10 markets in Elks Hall were fully booked within a week. There are also a lot of new vendors and people in town that we've never seen before. It's going to be a great year because there's a big variety," said Cunningham.

Even summer market spots are already filling up.

"Our summer markets are also half full already. They're filling up fast but we don't have a limit on vendors for the summer because we'll be outside in the park. Last year we averaged 30 vendors a week in the park. I'm thinking this year it will probably be bigger just because everyone wants so desperately to get out and do something," said Cunningham.
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Safety is at the forefront of these markets and Cunningham says it’s important the vendors and visitors follow all protocols to ensure the market can continue to function.

"I've been trying to stress to people that I know everyone is Covid fatigued and tired of masks and restriction but if we don't follow what's been set out then we can't have the markets. Please be patient and follow the restrictions. If we do that, we can continue with these markets. It's the only thing going on in town. We really want to make sure we don't have any issues.”
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April 21th, 2021 ~ Vol. 91 No. 16
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