April 28th, 2021 ~ Vol. 91 No. 17
Douglas Applications
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A new Lawn care business is up and running in the Crowsnest Pass.

Douglas Applications is a brand new business that will work on helping your lawn be the healthiest it can be.

Owner, Keiran Douglas, says early on in the season, dethatching is the top priority.

"We do dethatching, or power raking. We do that right at the start of the season when the weather allows us to do it."

Douglas says he hopes to have that work done before May long weekend.

Once the dethatching is done, Douglas will begin the next step of care.

"Once the weeds and grass have grown, we come in with a herbicide and a fertilizer. I'll apply the herbicide and fertilizer, or one of the two depending on what the customer wants. That would be an early season application and then I would come back near the end of summer around late July or early August to do a second application.
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Douglas says he's focused on providing his services to the Crowsnest Pass and will plan to expand his business outside the Pass next year.

As for rates, it depends on the size of the lawn and what work is being done.

"I've classified lawns to small, medium and large. Small is anything under 2,000 square foot, medium is 2,000-4,000 and large is 4,000 plus. There are three different options for pricing as well. Customers can choose from either only dethatching, only get the sprays or customers can get both the dethatching and sprays as a package deal."

The package deal costs $140 for a small lawn, $200 for a medium lawn and $260 for a large lawn.

For only dethatching, Douglas charges $80 for a small lawn, $100 for medium and $120 for large.
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For only the sprays, a small lawn would be $40 per application, $60 for a medium lawn per application and a large lawn would be $80 per application.

Douglas says he advises at least two applications of the sprays.

"People have the choice but I recommend that customers get two applications for better weed control."

Anyone interested in getting more information about the services Douglas Applications provides, they can contact Keiran at 403-563-7898, through email at douglas.applications@gmail.com or on Facebook by searching Douglas Applications.
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April 28th, 2021 ~ Vol. 91 No. 17
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