January 7th, 2015 ~ Vol. 85 No. 1
The Matrix Has You
Crowsnest Pass Herald Front Page
When I first got out of the Pen, I was so excited to take advantage of all the possibilities, choices and freedoms that were previously stripped of me, that all I wanted to do was just share my excitement with whoever would listen. To have a “normal” conversation, and express my overwhelming sense of relief with somebody.
Because for me, being locked up for that long, and nearly forgotten by the world, is as close to death as you can come. You fade away in the minds of others with time and just become a distant memory that most refer to in past tense.
But, there I stood on the other side of the razor-wired fence, looking up at the gun tower guards, finally walking away a free man. I can’t even describe to you the flood of emotions that consumed me at that point, it was over-whelming. I was bursting at the seams inside but the vibe of everyone else around me seemed distant and distracted, so I forced myself to hold it in.
As I sat waiting for my bus, I was looking around, all wide-eyed like a kid at Christmas and noticed a common theme with everyone around me. They ALL were totally transfixed in some alternate universe, created by their phones, tablets and other devices. There was a rare couple talking to one another but that too got interrupted by some random notification, which halted their conversation. It didn’t take long for me to notice, in my first few days of freedom, that this plague of distraction had spread to everyone breathing. Even as I was talking to a friend of mine for the first time in years, the majority of our conversation was spent with his face glued to his phone. I took total offence to it and viewed it as complete disrespect and wasn’t too shy to let him know that either!!
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Was I wrong to take it personally? Is this behaviour acceptable to everyone else but me? Am I alone in thinking that a conversation should include the attention of two people without the need to check your Facebook status every 2 minutes? Well I, for one, refuse to accept it.
It’s my belief that we’re becoming completely isolated and disconnected as a society. That we’re valuing ourselves based on our online profile or status and limiting our actual progress as a result. We’ve become slaves to the “idea” of ourselves rather than embrace the true nature our mind, body and soul. Do yourself a favour… disconnect yourself from your ego and embrace the life you’re failing to live. Every second of everyday is another opportunity to choose to change and the possibilities are endless.
You don’t really know the time you’re wasting in life, until it’s taken from you. To sit alone and reflect on all the things you never did is a misfortune we’ll all face at some point and unfortunately it’ll happen when there’s no time left to change it. So take a good look in the mirror at your true self, not your profile status and see if you measure up to who you think you are.
January 7th ~ Vol. 85 No. 1
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