May 25th, 2016 ~ Vol. 85 No. 21
- Music in the valley
- Senior housing board
  suggest lodge
  location is a
  provincial issue
- Huffington Post
  Canada praises former
  Sparwood Resident
- High School Panther
  baseball update
- Council compromises
  on parking
- RCMP Stats
- Classifieds
- Puzzle Page
- Council won’t fund
  Syrian refugee
- Fortis follow-up
- Western Financial
- KRA Donates
- Crowsnest athletes to
  face B.C. rivals in
  ABC Border Bowl
- Question of the Week
- Kootenay Tae Kwon Do
- Passtrak’s ‘Calgary
  Spring Challenge’
  meet results
- Looking Back
- Pass resident brought
  out of retirement to
  help fight Fort Mac
- Letters to the Editor
- Bricks & Boquets
Crowsnest Pass Herald Front Page
Music in the valley
On May 18, the Crowsnest Pass Symphony Orchestra performed at Horace Allen School. Over 100 attendees were treated to works by Ralph Ford, Duke Ellington and Antonio Vivaldi. Local musical ensembles Piano Trio and The Little Big Band also performed.
Crowsnest Pass Weather
Story 1 - 160525 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Senior housing board suggest lodge location is a provincial issue
Council and the Crowsnest Pass Senior Housing Board say the provincial government is making the decision to relocate the community’s seniors’ lodge to Coleman.
There has been no [...]
Story 2 - 160525 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Council compromises on parking
With a decision to lift parking restrictions from portions of 79th Street in Coleman, council is trying to [...]
Story 3 - 160525 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Crowsnest athletes to face B.C. rivals in ABC Border Bowl
They worked hard, made the cut and soon a few local athletes will get a chance to pit their gridiron skills against cross border rivals.
“For kids in Alberta, there’s no other [...]
Story 4 - 160525 Crowsnest Pass Herald
A response to Town Talk from the board
The CNP Senior Housing board would like to share some facts with the community regarding York Creek Lodge and the proposed new lodge.
Residents living in [...]
Story 5 - 160525 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Pass resident brought out of retirement to help fight Fort Mac fire
Retirement will have to wait for Darryl Johnson.
A fire, which has come to be known as "the beast," that destroyed 2,400 homes and businesses, and displaced upward of [...]
Looking Back by John Kinnear
Tracing the Mighty "Stag" River
So I thought it might be interesting to cast a glance westward from the complicated drainages that make up the “Flow of the Crow” that were examined in a recent five part series and instead study the [...]
Previous Issues
Story 1 - 160518 Crowsnest Pass Herald
B.C. auditor general cites Teck in scathing report on mines
The B.C. auditor general says the province overruled the Ministry of Environment and ignored risks to the Elk Valley watershed when it approved the Line Creek coalmine expansion.
The accusation is [...]
Story 2 - 160518 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Syrian refugees to visit Pass in August
This time last year they were languishing in refugee camps.
In August, they’ll be in Bellevue, eating ice cream.
On August 20, about 70 former refugees from the war torn Middle East will be visiting the Pass to [...]
Story 3 - 160518 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Historical society asks for help on APP barracks
Legendary bootlegger Emilio Picariello was generous with his ill-gotten booze money, using some of it to enrich local citizens.
He is said to have [...]
Story 4 - 160518 Crowsnest Pass Herald
CCHS Graduation
Where will the Crowsnest Consolidated High School class of 2016 be in 2026?
If the 10-year prophesies revealed at their graduation ceremony May 13 are at all accurate: Sydney Bohmer will still be [...]
Story 5 - 160518 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Crowsnest Pass schools reunion 2016 update
Coleman - Horace Allen - Isabelle Sellon – Crowsnest Consolidated 1960 to 1975
The Reunion is open to anyone who is from the Crowsnest Pass who wants to visit with the [...]
Story 1 - 160511 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Firefighters scale skyscraper for charity
The Crowsnest Pass Fire/Rescue volunteer was one of over 300 firefighters from across North America who raised funds and awareness for citizens living with [...]
Story 2 - 160511 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Canoeing for a worthy cause
A gregarious modern day voyageur made his way through the Pass last week.
Wearing a birch bark hat and accompanied by [...]
Story 3 - 160511 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Fort McMurray fire: Pass residents rush to help evacuees
“My brother’s house is gone.”
Crowsnest resident Steve Atkinson sat on the grass in a Blairmore park, his wife Jessica and their children playing on a jungle gym a few metres away. It was unseasonably hot and sunny as Steve spoke about [...]
Seniors come first?
As most people in the community will remember my mom Gail Sygutek had a weekly column called “Town Talk.” It was probably the most widely read article every week in the paper. My mom had [...]
Story 5 - 160511 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Parking problems
Representatives from Coleman’s Rum Runner were in council chambers May 3, asking the municipality to remove [...]
Looking Back by John Kinnear
Anna Hubbard's Story
Early Tuesday afternoon on May 3rd I got a call from my daughter Kelly in Fort McMurray. She lives downtown near the Northern Lights Regional Health Centre and was sitting on the roof of her house when she called to update us. She was under a probable evacuation notice and [...]
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May 25th ~ Vol. 85 No. 21
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