August 24th, 2016 ~ Vol. 85 No. 33
- An error in driving?
- Wheel Nuts donates
- Locals rally behind
  local doctorís clinic
- Municipality
  investing in MDM
  facility upgrades
- How to be Bearsmart
  this autumn
- RCMP Stats
- Classifieds
- Puzzle Page
- Town Talk
- Pool renovation ready
- Grassy Mountain EIA
  resubimitted to the
- Moose on the Loose
- When it comes to
  steelmaking, all is
  not a lump of coal
- Question of the Week
- Calgary man
  recovering after
  backcountry rescue
- 50 Shades of Black
- Coleman Seniorsí
  Centre renovations
  finally complete
- From blue-collar to
  blue period, a local
  artistís story
- Letters to the Editor
- Bricks & Boquets
Crowsnest Pass Herald Front Page
An error in driving?
For the past few years one of the most used turn-offs into the Tim Horton road-side complex has been claiming numerous 18-wheelers as the photo above demonstrates.
Crowsnest Pass Weather
Story 1 - 160824 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Crowsnest doctor surrenders licence to practise medicine
Since the 1990s, South African born physician Dr. Johann Maritz has owned and operated the Mountainside Medical Clinic out of the former Alberta Hotel on main street in Blairmore.
Then in the spring of 2015, facing over 20 criminal charges, Maritz surrendered [...]
50 Shades of Black  by Ezra Black
When it comes to Steelmaking, All is Not a Lump of Coal.
At least once a week, someone asks me about our local economy. When they hear we mine steelmaking coal, there is the inevitable pause which is usually followed with a [...]
Looking Back by John Kinnear
No excuse for ignorance
Ezra had a family emergency so I was given the task of covering council last week.
The gallery was packed with people, really upset business people, some of whom saw a [...]
Story 3 - 160824 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Pool renovation ready
The head of the company building the community’s swimming pool says the new design will allow everyone from tots to the elderly to get their feet wet.
Brett Dyregrov, project manager with Western Recreation, told the [...]
Story 4 - 160824 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Grassy Mountain EIA resubmitted to the government
On August 12, Benga Mining Ltd. submitted an updated environmental impact assessment and remaining applications for its proposed Grassy Mountain Coal Project to the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER).
The package sent to [...]
Story 5 - 160824 Crowsnest Pass Herald
From blue-collar to blue period, a local artist’s story
After retiring about a year ago from a decades-long career as a heavy-duty mechanic, Randy Trotter discovered that he’s [...]
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Previous Issues
Story 1 - 160817 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Pass Piranha swim club wins gold at Regional Swim Meet
It was a fantastic weekend of swimming for members of the Pass Piranhas Swim Club on the weekend of August 13.
The Piranhas represented the Crowsnest Pass during the year-end regional championship held in Lethbridge.
The swim club began the season [...]
Story 2 - 160817 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Fire chief resigns, Cpt. Trent Fraser named interim chief
Steve Debienne, the community’s manager of Protective Services/ Fire Chief, resigned his position effective August 9.
Debienne did not respond to [...]
Story 3 - 160817 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Emerald Lake wildlife fencing
Highway #3 at Emerald and Crowsnest Lakes will soon be safer!! Construction has begun on the long awaited wildlife fencing at Emerald Lake. Work crews began the work on Friday and construction will continue for [...]
Story 4 - 160817 Crowsnest Pass Herald
McGillivray Creek Trail closed for repairs
A section of the McGillivray Creek Trail starting from north of the bible camp to the intersection of Spoon Valley and [...]
Story 5 - 160817 Crowsnest Pass Herald
AG Services gearing up for last weed pull
The last “Weed Wednesday” event put on by the Agriculture and Environmental Services team this weed season will be taking place [...]
Story 1 - 160810 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Province unveils blueprints of proposed seniors’ lodge
Sitting at a small round table and enjoying a lunch that included white bread, vegetables and tea, the three elderly residents of York Creek Lodge reflected on [...]
Story 2 - 160810 Crowsnest Pass Herald
The Herald chats up shamans of the Crowsnest Pass
Just as yoga, meditation, and other practices rooted in ancient, indigenous cultures were once relegated to the fringes of society, shamanism seems to be slowly moving into the mainstream.
Though shamanic practices and [...]
Story 3 - 160810 Crowsnest Pass Herald
From one tipple to another: A history of booze in the Pass
As an author and historian, Stephanie Hamilton knows that nothing helps a tale of bygone days go down like a nice cold beer.
“I’ve had more [...]
Story 4 - 160810 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Show and Shine in Hillcrest
With the streets of Hillcrest lined with vintage chrome, rubber and leather, Kawna Cameron and her 1971 Volkswagen Beetle proved that [...]
Story 5 - 160810 Crowsnest Pass Herald
CogNation Cyclery partners with Lethbridge company
It’s been an uphill climb for cycling maven Brian McFarlane and his efforts to break into the bike industry but now that he’s partnered up with a company in Lethbridge, the owner of [...]
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August 24th ~ Vol. 85 No. 33
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