September 21st, 2016 ~ Vol. 85 No. 37
- A welcoming sign
- Piranhas celebrate
  successful season
- RCMP officer needs
  help creating a
  surveillance video
- Parade for a new pool
- Town utility rate
  increase update
- RCMP Stats
- Classifieds
- Puzzle Page
- Unlawful RV storage:
  municipal council
  weighs its options
- Coal Mining returns
  to Tumbler Ridge
- Alberta Culture Days
  in Pass
- “Friend and
  Neighbour: Jimmy
  Moore, Horse
- Website helps parents
  with illness
- Question of the Week
- Coleman Funeral
- The Chakras experience
- Crowsnest
  Consolidated High
  School awards day
- Looking Back
- Air Cadets recognize
- Letters to the Editor
- Bricks & Boquets
- A year later, victims
Crowsnest Pass Herald Front Page
A welcoming sign
Councillors and Economic Development Committee (EDC) members unveiled additions to the entrance signs at the eastern and western ends of the community this week.
Crowsnest Pass Weather
Story 1 - 160921 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Piranhas celebrate successful season
What a season for the Pass Piranha Swim Club.
Their pond is small, outdoor and is currently under construction, but the local team proved to be made up of [...]
Story 2 - 160921 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Town utility rate increase update
It was the birth of a family business.
Its assets were a bright red trailer, a hand painted sign, a family run kitchen and lots of dogs and buns.
But on Aug. 31, the Taylor family [...]
Story 3 - 160921 Crowsnest Pass Herald
The Chakras experience
Customer, employee and owner: not many entrepreneurs can say that they’ve been all three for the same business.
But Kyla Lazzarotto has [...]
Story 4 - 160921 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Crowsnest Consolidated High School awards day
On Thursday, Sept. 15 Crowsnest Consolidated held their annual academic awards day. The following are the [...]
Story 5 - 160921 Crowsnest Pass Herald
A year later, victims remembered
On September 9, 2015 the body of 69-year-old Hanne Meketech was found in her Coleman home.
A few days later [...]
Looking Back by John Kinnear
Katie Agnes and Alexander Selkirk
As a young boy I was blessed to be able to spend time with a remarkable woman who lived to just five months short of 104 years of age. She was my maternal grandmother, Katie Agnes McInnis, and her story is [...]
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Previous Issues
Story 1 - 160914 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Crowsnest youths participate in second running of the Amazing Teen Race
Hormones were flying last week as dozens of Crowsnest youths took to the streets for the second running of the Amazing Teen Race.
The teens were made to [...]
Story 2 - 160914 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Green thumbs gather for community plant swap
On Sept. 10, green thumbs from across the Pass gathered at the Crowsnest Museum for the Fall Community Plant Swap.
Why would the museum [...]
Story 3 - 160914 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Pass to lose major employer when mine closes
When number thirty-seven is mined out sometime in the next two months, number six will be the last active pit at Teck’s smallest Elk Valley Mine and once that runs dry [...]
Story 4 - 160914 Crowsnest Pass Herald
RCMP fish unique catch out of river
This time of year anglers are known to catch cutthroat, rainbow and brown trout from the clear waters of the Crowsnest River but last week an RCMP officer landed a truly unique [...]
Story 5 - 160914 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Ground turning for APP Barracks
The first big step has been taken in the project to restore an old police barracks and turn it into a living prohibition interpretive centre.
For the past few years, The Crowsnest Pass Historical Society has been working hard to restore [...]
50 Shades of Black  by Ezra Black
British Columbia Economy Leads the Nation
British Columbia leads the nation in economic growth this year, and for this reason, the Crowsnest Pass is a good place to be.
BC is doing well because [...]
Story 1 - 160907 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Dr. Johannes Maritz cleared of charges
A Crowsnest doctor whose legal troubles got him barred from practising medicine signed a peace bond last week in exchange for having a list of criminal charges withdrawn.
A court document says [...]
Story 2 - 160907 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Things are getting international at CCHS
With Germans, Finns, Chileans and Columbians flocking to its classrooms, things will be getting very international at Crowsnest Consolidated High School this year.
The local high school has [...]
Story 3 - 160907 Crowsnest Pass Herald
HAS adopts frog-based conflict management program
Frogs know a thing or two about conflict resolution.
Why take the red-eyed tree frog of Panama. When establishing dominance to [...]
Story 4 - 160907 Crowsnest Pass Herald
New ideas at ISS
In the olden days school kids were limited to learning the three Rs: Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic.
But for the second year [...]
Looking Back by John Kinnear
Goodbye Grandpa
Three years ago I had the privileged of meeting Ken, better known to me as grandpa.
Though not my blood relation, over the years he became my friend.
On Monday [...]
Looking Back by John Kinnear
Every Brick Has a Story
A wide variety of colorful brick types have presented themselves to me in my wanderings around the Pass in the last few years. It is pretty hard not to come across them as they are usually stacked in neat little piles in back yards and alleyways, propping open a door or [...]
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September 21st ~ Vol. 85 No. 37
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