December 14th, 2016 ~ Vol. 85 No. 49
- Serenading our seniors
- Classical music in
  the mountains
- Collective agreement
  reached with Teck
- New Manager of
  Utilties hired for
- Jesse Fox is the
  Pass’ new Fire Chief
- RCMP Stats
- Classifieds
- Puzzle Page
- Friends and Neighbours
- Full throttle ahead
  for the PowderQueenz
- A Donna’s Day Care
- Thunder Struck
- Last-minute holiday
  shopping tips
- Question of the Week
- Robin Thoen is the
  Pass Herald’s new
  health contributor
- Drama for our seniors
- Charity Checkstop
- Telus & kids
- Looking Back
- Letters to the Editor
- Bricks & Boquets
- CNP Skating club
  competition ready
Crowsnest Pass Herald Front Page
Serenading our seniors
The Crowsnest Consolidated High School 2017 graduating class, along with administration and dedicated parents, held their annual Seniors’ Supper on Tuesday, December 6th. The gym was full of people enjoying a meal catered by Chris’ Restaurant, served by students. Entertainment was provided by the graduates themselves.
Crowsnest Pass Weather
Story 1 - 161214 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Classical music in the mountains
The Crowsnest Pass Symphony Orchestra and the Crowsnest Community Choir delighted audiences at their annual Christmas Concert, performing to the tune of “Christmas, Christmas, Christmas!” as conductor Deborah “Debbie” Goldstein puts it. The concert was [...]
Story 2 - 161214 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Collective agreement reached with Teck
A collective agreement that expired in October of 2015 was replaced by a new five-year collective agreement that was ratified by employees at Teck's Elkview Operations on December 4 and [...]
Story 3 - 161214 Crowsnest Pass Herald
New Manager of Utilties hired for town
The Municipality of Crowsnest Pass welcomed Jason Ogertschnig as the new Manager of Utilities on Dec. 5.
The position will have Ogertschnig plan for and supervise the water maintenance and treatment for the municipality. He will work closely with [...]
Story 4 - 161214 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Jesse Fox is the Pass’ new Fire Chief
Crowsnest Pass residents know how engaged and committed to service our Fire Department is in the community, but the municipality’s new Fire Chief/Manager of Protective Services Jesse Fox says it’s on his agenda to make sure [...]
Story 5 - 161214 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Full throttle ahead for the PowderQueenz group
If you’re a gal who wants nothing more than to hit the petrol-perfumed deep powder runs of pristine backcountry terrain on a snowmobile, then maybe you should join the PowderQueenz.
Crystal Monteith started the PowderQueenz social media network in defiance of [...]
Looking Back by John Kinnear
Spirit Wrestlers and an Oxford Graduate - More about Cowley
Getting back to the Cowley story, I promised last week to revisit the area and expand on a couple of elements in the account that are very noteworthy. The first of these would be, chronologically, the background on that noted pioneer rancher of the Cowley area, Fredrick W. Godsal.
Godsal at one time ran one of the largest [...]
Previous Issues
Story 2 - 161207 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Police investigate suspicious death
This is Anna Kroupina, reporting for duty as the new journalist for the Pass Herald. Since we’ll be seeing each other around town and I’ll be your [...]
Story 2 - 161207 Crowsnest Pass Herald
The new kid in the Crowsnest Pass
This is Anna Kroupina, reporting for duty as the new journalist for the Pass Herald. Since we’ll be seeing each other around town and I’ll be your [...]
Story 3 - 161207 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Pass Powderkeg ski hill unveils new signage for runs
The Pass Powderkeg Ski Hill has six new runs set to open in the upcoming season, and with them, a total of 49 new signs that will be [...]
Town Talk by Lisa Sygutek
This and That
Well I’m happy to say this might be the last time you are going to hear from me for a bit.
We have a reporter! When Ezra told me he was leaving, I must say, I wasn’t [...]
Looking Back by John Kinnear
Cowley – A Village with History
In 1967 while I was at college studying architecture I was required to purchase a copy of the National Building Code of Canada and to learn to use the tables and specifications dictated therein. One such table had to do with [...]
50 Shades of Black  by Ezra Black
New West Versus the Old West Economy
The story goes somewhat like this. In the Old West, the economy always swung between the boom and bust of commodity prices. When the price of timber and coal were [...]
Story 1 - 161130 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Grassy Mountain update
Riversdale Resources met with council at a special meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 23 to update the progress of the Grassy Mountain Coal Project.
The presentation was made by [...]
Story 1 - 161130 Crowsnest Pass Herald
A delicious meal at the Blairmore Legion
If you are looking to support your local legion and eat an amazing menu, the Blairmore Legion has [...]
Millennial Perspective by Aiden Douglas
Based on feedback it seems like you all liked my first article enough to warrant another, so welcome back, or hello for those of you reading this column for the first time.
To start I need to [...]
Story 3 - 161130 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Literacy with a side slice of Lasagna
On Thursday, Nov. 24 kids and families enjoyed a delicious lasagna meal with a side of literacy. The event was [...]
Story 4 - 161130 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Ladies Fair and Luncheon at Legion
The Coleman Legion is hosting a Ladies Fair and Luncheon on Sunday, Dec. 11 at [...]
Story 5 - 161130 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Bragging rights and money care of the Pass Herald
Last week I received an email from a resident of the Pass who was upset there was no recognition for people who decorate their houses at Christmas.
The Chamber has a [...]
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December 14th ~ Vol. 85 No. 49
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