March 24th, 2021 ~ Vol. 91 No. 12
Pass Pool hoping for full season
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The Crowsnest Community Pool Board Chair is hopeful they’ll be able to provide a full and fun pool season this year after Covid-19 shortened their 2020 season. The Pool is currently waiting on hearing what restricitions and protocols will be in place to start the season. There are also renovations being done inside to each changeroom area to make the pool barrier free. These renovations will be completed before the 2021 pool season.
David Selles
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The Crowsnest Pass Community Pool is hoping to enjoy a full season this year.

After a shortened 2020 season, Pool Society Board Chair, Lesley Margetak, says they are hopeful for a full year in 2021.

“Last year even though it started late we were able to run the same hours we would in regular years. We hope that we can run a full schedule again this year. We think it provided a little bit of a happy place in a tough time. We appreciate everything that people did last year to make it happen for us so hopefully this year we can do it again.”

Margetak says the pool is still looking for some applications for lifeguards this year.

“Traditionally over the years you realize things can take some time to get going. this year, because of Covid and everything else, it's the same thing. I wouldn't say we're in need of a lot. I'd say we have several applications but we are hoping to get a few more with not knowing exactly what's ahead at this time. Last year we were surprised a bit by when they did decide to open but it was later and we were reduced capacity with reduced programs so there weren't as many needs for guards last season.”

Margetak says there can be some challenges in finding enough lifeguards for the season and believes they will be hiring a smaller number than usual this year.
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“There aren't a ton of lifeguards that have the necessary qualifications and certifications, which was even more of a challenge to get this year because the courses haven't been offered the same as previous years due to Covid. We're starting to see that they're being offered but it would have to be done through the indoor pools that they generally take those courses. It's tough for the kids to get there physically. Normally we would run with a staff of about 14-18 people. This year we would probably look at the lower end being what we would optimistically have, most likely around 14 or 15 lifeguards. It would be nice to have some extra guards that can fill in if needed but generally we're pretty close to what we need to operate full day programs.”

According to Margetak, the pool does a good job of ensuring applicants know the type of jobs available each year.

“Our job descriptions fit the qualifications needed. For a first year guard, they would be considered a casual guard. They don't need as many qualifications as a senior guard would. It is a bit of a sliding scale year by year that most guards would gain their qualifications and experience.”

There are multiple factors this year that will determine when the pool will be able to open.
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“We try to open May-long weekend. This year there are lots of unknowns, not only Covid but also including the renovations being done at the pool. These renovations will make the facility barrier free. Most of the work is in the shower and bathroom areas of the inside. The area will be significantly different layout wise. That work is supposed to be done before the season so we're hoping that will be complete and that we will be able to open up under Covid protocols as well,” said Margetak.

Overall, Margetak is feeling positive about the prospects for a full and fun pool season this year.

“Last year it was announced that outdoor pools were pretty safe. We're all hoping that we have a long and good season this year. We're very positive. It's great to have the facility and we are hopeful we can offer it to a lot of the public. Last year we weren't able to have public swimming so that would be one of our wishes this year.”
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March 24th, 2021 ~ Vol. 91 No. 12
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