Just a reminder that the Pass Herald is closed for two weeks! Yes two whole weeks, a break for my staff and myself.
I feel exhausted. It’s been a bit of a rough year for me.
For the first week I have to go to Toronto for work, but on that second week I plan on sitting on the deck in my beautiful yard drinking iced tea, with perhaps a hint of rum.
In the past I would do fun things with Quinn all week. We’d plan out game nights, tennis matches, and paddle boarding, fishing and hiking. Now he’s working full time at the pool as a lifeguard working over 40 hours a week so that you and your family have an opportunity to enjoy our pool.
As an aside from my editorial, I’d like to remind you all that our pool has four lifeguards and that includes the manager, the assistant manager and two 16 year-old teenagers. If hours are shorter then you expect, or public swim times are capped at 40 people in two slots, please don’t take it out on the front desk cashiers or the guards.
There is a countrywide shortage of lifeguards, period. If you abuse them enough and even one quits the pool shuts down. So please be kind. Even our neighbours to the east in Pincher Creek are only running their pool four days a week on a weekly basis. It’s tough everywhere, and so for our pool to be open seven days a week is remarkable and hard for those four guards and the cashiers who take the brunt of the abuse and trust me there has been a lot.
The big boys are working, Keiran at Douglas Applications and Aiden on his co-op with Teck.
This summer has been super interesting. After my surgery, this break will be the first time I can start to climb the mountains I love and run through the fields. I am looking forward to it more then you can imagine. I made a pact with myself that one year from my eight week recovery I am going to run a 50 km trail race. I’ve hired a trainer and I am ready more than I can describe to start my journey of both physical and mental healing. I promise to keep you all updated on my journey.
I plan on stopping to just smell the roses, take stock of life and just breathe.
When I ran for council I didn’t honestly think it would take up so much of my time. Everyone warned me but for some reason I don’t remember it being that busy for my mom. Apparently it was.
It’s hard to run a business, represent your community and be the best mom you can. My kids deserve that and more and sometimes it’s a tightrope hoping I’m not missing something for them for the sake of my community.
So I’ll end this saying thank you for allowing us a break, thank you for reading the Pass Herald and here’s to a two-week break for my kids and I.
Our next issue is August 18 and I hope to come back a little more tanned and a lot more rested. I hope you all enjoy your summer as much as I have.


On Thursday I had the pleasure of meeting Rebecca Schulz, one of the candidates running for the leader of the United Conservative Party. I have to say what a wonderful woman. She’s humble, kind and has vision. She just seemed so normal with no ego attached. It was great listening to her perspective.
On Monday I also had the pleasure of listening to Travis Toews who is also running the leadership of the party. What a brilliant man. He’s so knowledgeable about the fiscal state of this province and our place in confederation. He presents like a leader and, like Rebecca, is humble. What a refreshing change.
Unfortunately I have to talk about two women who attended the talk. When the presentation from Travis began I was very clear that he was give time to talk, time to answer questions and time to visit. Unfortunately both women decided to hijack the presentation, yelling at Toews. I asked them numerous times to please quiet down to no avail. They were rude, nasty and ignorant. They made our community look like a bunch of back-wood hicks. I want to formally apologize to Mr. Toews on their behalf. Sometimes class and manners are not learned at home. They embarrassed themselves and by default our community.