I got COVID …
During Christmas I started to feel what I thought was a cold coming on. My throat was scratchy, my nose plugged and I was a bit tired. Nothing huge but I felt a bit off.
I felt it best do a rapid test. I tested the next day approximately 24 hours after I first felt symptoms. Negative. Well that was a relief. As the day progressed I felt like I was in a full-blown cold. I figured I would test again now we are at 48 hours, negative.
That day Aiden started to feel cold like. He’d just had his third COVID shot so he put it off as a reaction to the shot. Now two and two is starting to feel like four but adding up to three so I told Aiden to test himself. Guess what, he tested positive. Now I’m really perplexed. I tested myself again, negative.
Now I have Aiden holed up in the pool house trying to make sure no one else gets sick. I have to tell you it’s a strange situation when your child is sick with COVID and you can’t really help. Dropping food off in front of his door, yelling, “Are you feeling ok?”, was my mantra. There is a sense of helplessness; it sucks.
Now my cold is still around, but I’m feeling well enough to skin up the ski hill in my skis in -30, in fact if anything it helped clear out my lungs, and my nose.
I decided to once again check with a rapid test, now I’m at 96 hours and guess what? It’s negative too. I can’t understand how I was the first one ill and yet testing negative while Aiden gets COVID.
Thank goodness this illness is taking place over Christmas and we have a two-week break from the paper and council, so I really had not been out of the house. I spent the entire week pretty much skiing and hanging out with the kids, playing games and watching movies. It was wonderful and a good choice because a week after I was sick and had no symptoms, in fact felt great, I tested myself just because and guess what I tested positive.
When you get COVID in the house you start to research protocol and I will tell you it’s not easy to understand and I consider myself a pretty smart girl. I found out that the new protocol said you need to self-isolate if you feel a cold OR test positive. This is the thing, I didn’t know that and had I not been on a break I would have been out and about, and yes I would have had my KN95 on but I was sick even with a rapid test showing negative results. I’m not sure why I finally tested positive after the symptoms were gone.
It was an easy case of Omicron for me, most likely because I’m crazy fit and healthy and triple vaxed, but for sure I had it. It was luck of the draw that I got it over Christmas quite honestly and was self isolated for a break.
As an aside, Keiran and Quinn did not get COVID. It’s a weird disease and it taught me a lot. It taught me how scary it is to not be able to help your child when they are sick. It taught me how difficult it is to get proper information on the new protocol with COVID and it taught me that rapid testing doesn’t always work. Also, there was no way for me to let the government know I had it and therefore when you see the numbers of cases my guess is that they are way higher then reported. I’m glad I had it; it’s like the elephant in the room that finally sat on me. I’m glad it was an easy type of cold for me. I know that isn’t everyone’s experience, but it was both Aiden’s and mine. It’s also very interesting when you get it the first comment from people is, “Wow where did you get it?”, almost a recrimination. It’s funny how you feel the need to defend yourself when you get it. All in all getting Omicron was a case study in human nature and dissemination of information. It’s hard to know what to do when you finally get it and the protocols keep changing.
We are all healthy and ready to climb mountains in our beautiful Garden of Eden, I hope everyone who gets Omicron has the same light symptoms we did.