Lisa Sygutek - Pass Herald Publisher/Editor


Sometimes I wonder if what I do is enough. Am I enough as a mom, am I enough as a business owner, am I enough as a councillor, do I advocate enough for our community. These thoughts keep me up at night.

Often, when I attend meetings someone is upset with the decision I made. Sometimes I go to my child’s school, and someone is upset with how I advocate for him. Sometimes I say something silly at council, and someone wants to crucify me for it. Sometimes often become the norm.

I don’t know if it was COVID that made people mean, or if humanity is just getting nastier. Perhaps it’s the strain on households and businesses in an economy that is stretched to the maximum with inflation. I don’t know, but I do know that people seem angrier now.

I attended a meeting recently and was berated for not doing enough. It was a difficult meeting to attend, and I left pretty upset. I then received an email from a local resident. I will keep the name nom de plume but give you the message. Man alive did the message resonate with me. I hope this helps you when you feel you are not enough!

Just want to touch base with you, as I was at the meeting tonight. I was on board with the presentation up to the part where he slammed the municipal council.  I turned around in my seat to look at you, as he was completely off base. There is a problem when people, or groups, have a single-issue bias that they expect others to embrace immersivity, and anything less than complete focused action constitutes not doing enough.

We have only lived here for a couple of years. Being that I was a property owner, I took it upon myself to keep abreast of what was happening in the community through the newspapers, municipal information, and website, reviewing council meeting minutes, occasionally attending council meetings and mining in-formation meetings.  I appreciate the challenges you as a councillor must navigate considering the unique situations the CNP faces.  I personally think you, and the rest of the council for the most part, are doing a good job in continuing to make the Pass a livable community.  I also believe you are doing what you can, to further the re-opening the mines to benefit the community.  Evidence of this can be found in all the resources I have mentioned if one chooses to read and comprehend.  Unfortunately, currently, it feels like spoon feeding and transparency are expected to be the same thing.

I do want to commend you on taking a beat and waiting for the Q&A before defending what council has been doing in the background.  It really doesn't matter whether you are doing a good or bad job, there will always be people that cuss you out because you aren't doing it, the way they would.  Weird how when elections come around, they don't want to put their time, effort, and name in to run.... 

Keep fighting the good fight Lisa, on all the fronts you find yourself on.  You are doing a good job, and the next time someone calls you out because your good isn't their good enough, remember it is for a whole lot of others. 

This message, probably more than any message I have ever received, made a powerful impact on me. It’s correct my best is probably not good enough for many. I will never make the right decision for some, and yet for others it’s good. I will often put my foot in my mouth because I have a voice and I use it. What I do know is that in the future I will be more careful with my words. What I do know, is that this writer has far more wisdom than I do at times. I will continue to try to be enough, but when I’m not for some I will read and re-read that message, because no matter what, I’m trying and really, that should be enough!