If you look on page 15 of the paper you will see that a public meeting is scheduled for July 22nd at the Hillcrest Miners Club to discuss Grassy Mountain and the review process.
The meeting is organized by a number of concerned residents, and is an opportunity for community members to meet and discuss what happened with the Joint Review Panel, the impact it will have on the community should Riversdale pack up shop and leave and the future of coal exploration in this area.
In attendance at the venue will be experts who suspect that the coal policy review may have been unduly influenced, a speaker on modern day coal mining and impact statements on people and businesses affected.
I have been personally contacted by dozens of people who are angry, confused and upset but have no venue in which to gather. This Concerned Citizen’s Meeting is such a venue.
Do you remember when the NDP government shut down the Castle area to motorized vehicles and 600 people showed up to protest at a public meeting at MDM? Well this is your chance to show up and voice your concerns over what has happened here in the Crowsnest Pass. Apathy for this mine by those who wanted it put us in this position. Those who did not want the mine, they organized, they used their voices and they got their way.
The Livingstone Landowners Group got their way. They continue to attempt to shut down our mines, with protests, letter writing campaigns, country singers, posters and political pressure. Now it’s your turn as citizens of YOUR community to stand up and fight for your right to be prosperous.
If no one shows up that is a statement, if hundreds show up that is also a statement. It’s really up to you to stand up for what you want. I get that it’s summer, I get that it’s a Thursday night, but if you want these mines, if you want your community to move forward with industry and progression you need to get off your butts and fight for it.
I just found out that the Council of Canadians whose Mission Statement is the following: “The Council of Canadians brings people together through collective action and grassroots organizing to challenge corporate power and advocate for people, the planet and our democracy,” is encouraging a letter writing campaign to be sent to Premier Kenney, Minister Savage and Minister Nixon to, “share your story of why the mountains matter to you and ask that they recommend a ‘no coal’ policy not a new coal policy”. Montem Resources was named at the beginning of the email as it started with a celebration of the Tent Mountain’s need for a federal impact assessment.
Groups like this have created a speedbump for  Riversdale and now they are gunning for Montem as they systematically work to shut down mining in Alberta.
So this is YOUR chance to use YOUR voice, this is YOUR chance to let the Government of Alberta know what the Crowsnest Pass is made of. This is YOUR chance to take back your community and it’s future prosperity. Apathy has done us no good.
I will be at the meeting and I hope every person that called me shows up as I am interested in what everyone has to say.
A while ago I was accosted outside Pass Beer by a lady in the community who told me that I was a horrible person for supporting mining. I just found out that her husband now works for one of the mines across the border. I find it ironic that coal is not good enough for our community to prosper, yet Teck good enough in British Columbia to support her family. We all should have the opportunity to have gainful employment, industry, amenities and lower taxes. Coal mining would provide this, so if you want an opportunity to have a voice show up and use it. If you are anti-mining please don’t bother coming because quite frankly you have had your allotment of air space.
Hope to see you on Thursday, July 22 at 6:30 at the Hillcrest Miners Club as we show the Government of Alberta what the Crowsnest Pass is made of. If you don’t come, you don’t get the right to cry when your taxes are high and the majority of employment here is minimum wage.