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Fire activity and insurance claims

Lisa Sygutek

Aug 16, 2023

Acknowledging the Lladnar Creek fire in Sparwood as well as experiences with Intact Insurance

We are back! It’s been a wonderful couple of weeks off. I pretty much did nothing other than run and hike, read books and relax. It was wonderful.

Life is so busy that I rarely take time to stop and just breathe. It was nice to just breathe.

First, I want to acknowledge the Lladnar Creek fire in Sparwood. It was difficult watching the horror unfold on Facebook. It’s been 20 years since the Lost Creek Fire here in the Crowsnest Pass. I remember being evacuated twice. The mental toll is tremendous. It’s interesting what items you decide to bring with you when you worry that you will lose your home.

I must commend Mayor David Wilkes in Sparwood. He did an amazing job on communication. There were daily messages that were very detailed explaining what was happening. Communication in any form helps people handle stressful situations to some degree.  

What I found interesting is that while Sparwood was burning, we were in a Fire Restriction. We are still only at a Fire Restriction. 

What that means is fire hazard conditions are at a level where fires can start and grow quickly. No open burning fires or major burn operations are permitted.  Safe fires in approved fire pits (per the Fire Rescue Services Bylaw), burn barrels/incinerators with screens, as well as gas/propane stoves, barbecues, and fire pits are permitted.

What’s even more interesting is that there is a Fire Ban in the MD of Pincher Creek, our closest neighbours.

I’m sure there is science behind the decisions made in Edmonton regarding when a fire ban and restriction takes place, but it sure seems wrong in the heat and dryness of this area to allow any form of open fire.

My fingers are crossed that we make it through another summer without incident.

On a different note, I’m sure you all remember my experience with Intact Insurance when our car was broken into in Edmonton. I wrote about how disappointed I was in the service.

Well, believe it or not it’s happened again. Back in late June my car was hit outside the Blairmore Post Office. I was parked in front and backing up when a truck illegally crossed the solid yellow centre line to park. I’m sure you can relate as we see it all the time in downtown Blairmore. People driving east who would rather cross the solid yellow line to park in front of a building then go around the block.

My insurance company wanted me to claim it as no fault. I was shocked. No fault? I was doing everything right while someone illegally crossed the solid yellow line to park. When you say no fault, it means that you must pay your deductible. For me that was $1000.

I told my adjuster that wasn’t acceptable. He explained that he needed to see the police report and that it could take up to four to five weeks. 

So here I am almost two months later with a fixed car, $1000 paid out of my pocket to get my car from the mechanic and crickets from my adjuster. Because my car is a Mercedes I had to have it fixed at an authorized Mercedes garage. Not only was I hit, I had to drive back and forth to get it fixed!

I’ll keep you updated on the saga if I don’t have resolution fast. Why would my insurance company pay for the repairs on my car when it should be paid by the insurance company of the person who was at fault? Why should I pay $1000 out of my pocket when I did nothing wrong? Man alive, they are willing to take your money, but the service they provide is questionable!

Rest assured I won’t let this go. What if it was a senior they treated this way or someone who couldn’t advocate for themselves. I’m going to start contacting every means at my disposal to deal with this situation because something is really not adding up here and if it’s happened to me, who else is this happening to?

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