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Home to celebrate Bellecrest Days

Lisa Sygutek

Jun 21, 2023

Holy cow can the crew of Bellecrest put on a special events day!

Holy cow can the crew of Bellecrest put on a special events day!

This year I was home and able to attend Bellecrest Days on Saturday. I hood winked Quinn into helping me hand out candy with my fellow councillors. I have to say I was blown away by the event.

There was everything you could want for all ages including a parade, food trucks, kids’ activities including mini golf, zombie toss, petting zone, bouncy obstacle course, face painting and a bubble pit. There were venders, food trucks and a pool tournament at the Bellevue Legion. At the Bellevue Seniors Centre they had a pop-up market. There was also live music, improv, and dancing in the park. It was a crazy, fun, busy day for everyone in the Crowsnest Pass.

It always warms my heart when the community comes together for events like this. It usually always comes down to two or three committee leads and then a ton of people in those committees’ making things happen. I hope when you see these leads; Sanya Veldman, Rean Knight & Sue Kostyniuk, you thank them for making the day incredible.

A special event can be a powerful tool for building a community. Whether it’s a festival, concert, sports match, or charity fundraiser, special events bring people together and help foster a sense of connection and belonging.

One of the primary ways that special events build a community is by creating a sense of shared experience and identity. When people attend an event, they become part of a larger group that is united by a common interest or passion. For example, attending a music festival or sports match can create a sense of camaraderie among attendees who share a love for the same band or team.

Special events also provide an opportunity for collaboration and communication. Many events feature work-shops or panels where attendees can engage in discussions and share their ideas and experiences. This can help build relationships and encourage people to work together towards a common goal.

Networking is another important aspect of community-building that special events can facilitate. Whether it’s through a formal conference or a casual cocktail party, events can provide a platform for attendees to meet and connect with others who share their interests or work in the same industry.

Finally, special events can also promote a sense of local pride and identity. Community events, such as parades or festivals, celebrate the unique history and traditions of a region or neighbourhood. They can create a sense of pride and belonging among residents and help attract visitors to the area.

Overall, special events can be a powerful force for building and strengthening communities. By providing opportunities for connection, collaboration, and celebration, events allow people to come together and share experiences that can create lasting bonds and foster a sense of belonging.

It’s people like the Bellecrest group that make a community a home. How blessed are we to have so many people give their time to bring us all together.

I was happy to be in the parade representing municipal council. We have a new float, which you can see on our photo page of Coal Miner Days in Sparwood. It’s fantastic and perfectly represents the natural beauty of our area.

At the Bellecrest Parade we even won first place.

Walking the streets with my son handing out candy made my heart full. I knew a lot of people and saw many I didn’t. It shows that people have moved here and are immersing themselves into the traditions of our community.

So, thank you Bellerest organizers, you made me proud, happy, and re-energized for my community’s future.

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