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I know it’s not “cool” to talk about God

Lisa Sygutek

May 17, 2023

My father’s family came from Poland and was an alter server at the Holy Ghost Catholic Church, formerly in Coleman. When he was alive, he would often recite the prayers in Latin.

I’m going to get all religious in this editorial. I know it’s not “cool” to talk about God, Heaven forbid I offend someone, but here I am ready to talk about the ‘big guy’.

I was baptised Catholic. My father’s family came from Poland and was an alter server at the Holy Ghost Catholic Church, formerly in Coleman. When he was alive, he would often recite the prayers in Latin.

After my brother died in a car accident with Martin Graf, both 16 years old, my mom wanted his funeral in the school gymnasium so that the public could attend. The priest at the time said no. My mother never forgot that experience and never went back to the church. Her words to me were that God preached on a hilltop not in the walls of the Catholic Church.

My best friend growing up was Joey Michalski and her mom Sharon, often took me to mass. I’m not sure why she offered, but boy am I thankful. She really made sure that I had a strong foundation in the Catholic Church. 

I stepped away from church in my teens, but after having the boys I returned for several years. My boys were altar servers, I taught Liturgy and for over a decade we were active participants in our church. 

When everyone got sick and started dying, I fell away from my faith. I was so busy taking care of the dying that I didn’t have the mental strength for anything else. I was angry about a lot during that time, I was mentally exhausted and physically drained. It was a dark seven years in my life, culminating in all three of the most import people in my life dying within 30 months of each other. I was alone with all of them as they died in my arms.

Quinn, being the youngest of the boys during this time, missed out on the church experience that his older brothers had and yet ironically, he has the most faith out of the boys. 

Last year, at the age of 15, Quinn sat me down and told me that he wanted to get his confirmation done. He told me that I had dropped the ball and asked me to reach out to Father Joseph and get the ball rolling. 

When I reached out to Father he stepped right in and started the process. Quinn had to attend confirmation classes in Pincher over a period of months, culminating in his Confirmation on Monday in Pincher Creek, officiated by Bishop McGrattan. Quinn’s sponsor was   Darrell Sydora. Both Moo and Darrell are Quinn’s God Parents, and I will tell you I could not have chosen more incredible people to take care of my child, both spiritually and emotionally. They have fostered the most beautiful relationship with my son, and he loves them beyond words.

I’ll tell you sitting in that church on Monday watching my son receive his Confirmation was one of the highlights of my life. I truly felt the presence of God in the church. It was a warm fuzzy feeling with purpose. I often forget my relationship with my faith and it’s times like this that renew it. When I was diagnosed with cancer, just days after the news Father Joseph happened to stop in the office and say I was distraught. I ended up telling him what was happening, I had told only my family up to that point, and he told me to come to the church for the Anointment of the Sick. I went and I’ll tell you that it gave me tremendous peace.

Watching my son experience his Confirmation, knowing he asked for it, renewed my faith yet again. I raised my children to believe in God, the choices they make as adults is up to them regarding their faith, but I find great peace knowing that at least I gave them the foundation. 

So, I wanted to talk about God today and how he has affected my life and that in the times I have needed him, he was there. It’s up to me to renew that relationship and foster it, because when you don’t follow the path, you do tend to stray. God bless you all!

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