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What a mess this country is in

Lisa Sygutek

Apr 19, 2023

Last week a car was stolen right out of the garage of a local family... stolen right from the inside of their garage while they were sleeping in the house.

What a mess this country is in. Last week I talked about the crazy woke movement that questioned the validity of 2 plus 2 equalling 4, this week it’s all about the mass number of stabbings, shootings, and murder throughout this country.

Last week a car was stolen right out of the garage of a local family. Yes, you read that right, stolen right from the inside of their garage while they were sleeping in the house.

I was in a local restaurant having lunch when a patron took off after having lunch, dining, and dashing before paying the bill. I couldn’t believe my eyes. 

A few days later I saw the same individual in a different restaurant have lunch and then refuse to pay the full amount, the reasoning was that they just didn’t have the money.

Recently we have seen a rash of violent attacks and stabbings across Edmonton and Calgary. 

In Edmonton on April 8, a man was shot to death in an apartment building. On April 12, a teenage boy was hospitalized after and assault. On April 13, a man was randomly stabbed at a bus stop.

In Calgary on April 3, four people were hospitalized after a stabbing. On April 12, a shooting left one dead and one injured. On the same day a man was hospitalized after a shooting on a bus. On April 13, a man was hospitalized after a stabbing on a bus. Just this week two people were murdered.

The issue really is the lack in the justice system in this country. The same 40 people were arrested 6,000 times in a year. That’s 150 per offender per year.

What’s the solution? Well I’ll tell you, it isn’t what we have right now in this country. We need hard jail time for repeat offenders, not a slap on the wrist and a half-way house. 

Justin Trudeau thinks the best way to stop stabbings is to ban hunting rifles. From 2015 to 2021 violent crimes are up 32 per cent in this country.

We need a true approach to dealing with addiction and mental health issues. 

I work out of Calgary two days a week and I will tell you the people who are homeless are either completely drugged out or talking to themselves. You couldn’t pay me to take transit in Calgary. I’d rather walk than go near that place.

I had a nephew who was a violent offender. In the time I knew him he dealt drugs with the most violent gangs in the world, literally. 

He would tell me that he was clean, but he could never hold it together. I don’t know if he was habituated, if he had mental illness or was just a user, but he could never stay clean. 

After his last federal jail term, I moved him into my house with my family during his probation, thinking that a stable home, love, and a job (he wrote for me here at the Herald) could keep him clean.

He stayed clean for maybe a month and then started selling drugs again. Only after he totalled my mom’s car, high on something during one of his drug runs, did he go back to jail. From what I understand he got out re-offended with weapons charges, went back to jail and is out again. He is a habitual drug dealer, has been since he was 18 and has been in and out of jail that entire time.

There is no fixing him, there is no amount of love that can bring him around. He’s just a bad person, making bad choices.

The only decent place for people like him is behind bars. 

I have very little sympathy for career criminals. I was the person that made excuses, tried to fix them only to ultimately be used by them.

So, stay vigilant here in the Pass. Lock your cars, lock your houses, and keep an eye out for things that just don’t seem right. People are moving here, most of them are great, but some of them might not be good!

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