Montem Resources holds community engagement

Nicholas Allen
Pass Herald Reporter

Montem Resources will be hosting an opportunity for community engagement at Elks Hall on October 25.

They are asking members of the public to join them in discussing the proposed transition of the Tent Mountain Mine into a renewable energy complex.  

The planned development for the Tent Mountain Renewable Energy Complex (TM-REX) includes three primary elements; a 320 MW Pumped Hydro Energy Storage (PHES), a 100MW Green Hydrogen Electrolyser and a 100 MW Offsite Wind Farm.

Developing Tent Mountain as a renewable energy complex could result in the first large scale production of green hydrogen in Canada. According to the project’s website, the PHES element of the complex will play a key role in filling supply gaps in Alberta’s electricity grid. Wind and solar power are inherently intermittent, only producing power when the wind blows or sun shines. The PHES acts as a large battery, recharging when there is an abundance of wind and solar power available and providing power to Alberta’s electricity grid when there is a shortage of wind and solar power.

The TM-REX uses Montem’s existing assets at Tent Mountain, which include large water reservoirs left behind from historical mining operations and easy access to infrastructure. This access includes rail, high voltage power lines, gas pipelines and Highway 3.

The open house is focused on community engagement and showing what the company is trying to do at Tent Mountain. They have been waiting to do an open house for a while, but they have been waiting until they were in the right position. Pre-feasibility studies for the project were finished in early summer for the new complex.

The open house will feature an environmental, engineering and power marketing specialists to speak on the project as they answer questions coal specialists from Montem were unable to give a response to.

The new complex is proposed to create around 400 jobs during construction with about 40 to 50 of them being full-time positions.  

There will be pizza and refreshments available from 4 to 8 p.m. during the open house at Elks Hall, located at 2025 129 Street Blairmore.

Visit to find out more about the project and each of the potential assets within.