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2023 Dummy Downhill shreds the slopes

Spectators look on at the 2023 Dummy Downhill event at Pass Powderkeg. Devin Brady photo.

Devin Brady

Mar 22, 2023

Pass Powderkeg saw crowds come to enjoy the sun and view the annual dummy downhill on
March 18.

On Saturday, March 18 the annual Dummy Downhill took place at Pass Powderkeg. An event that is not uncommon among many ski hills, it involves a “dummy”, skis or snowboard(s)  and no shortage of creativity. 

The designs are carted up to the top of the track, once up they are released one by one while the spectators cheer on the racers and wait in anticipation for a crash or a great jump. Crowds of family, friends and other skiers form at the bottom of the run to take in the excitement. 

Throughout the event there were crashes, flying debris, gentle flops and sleds plummeting down the slope leaving the air thick with excitement. 

The results were announced later that afternoon  at the chalet. There were four categories that were scored: longest jump, best jump, best crash and best design. The winner for longest jump was Stripey Monkey, and best jump was won by Franken Binderborgen. 

Best crash was won by Fuh-rarri which saw total annihilation of the vehicle and a wheel fly off on course to take out the front row of spectators, leaving the crowd in an enthusiastic frenzy. 

The final category was for best design which was won by Pirate Penguin Canoe, it graced the slope dawning a masted flag which bore the origin story of the ship and its captain.   

Future events at Pass Powderkeg can be found at under The Mountain then Special Events tab.

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