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7 Screaming Sisters Jamboree coming soon

Logo from the 7 Screaming Sisters Jamboree website.

Nicholas L. M. Allen

Jul 3, 2024

One-of-a-kind music experience coming to the Crowsnest Pass on July 20

The Crowsnest Pass is set to host an unforgettable musical experience with the debut of the 7 Screaming Sisters Jamboree. This unique event, founded by Josh Hellawell, promises to bring the best of Western Canada’s music scene to the community.

“It’s going to be awesome. That’s probably the most important thing,” said Hellawell, the Founder and Artistic Director of the Jamboree. “Brass Camel, our headliner, just came out of the studio with their second album, and we’re one of their first stops. So, expect to hear brand new songs that nobody’s ever heard before. It’s the first show of its kind in the Crowsnest Pass, a private show on private land, which is cool.”

The Jamboree will feature an all-Canadian lineup with bands from Alberta and British Columbia. 

“We want to bring the best things to the Crowsnest Pass. That’s our mission,” Hellawell emphasized.

Here’s a look at the lineup:

Brass Camel: This rock group from Vancouver, led by 29-year-old Daniel Sveinson, promises a thrilling performance. Sveinson had performed at the Apollo Theatre and played with Les Paul by the age of 12.

Petunia & The Vipers: Known for their eclectic sound and described as “Hank Williams on acid” or “Tom Waits meets Elvis,” this band is sure to deliver an unforgettable show.

Dave McCann & The Firehearts: A singer-songwriters in contemporary roots music, Dave McCann’s storytelling and musical prowess are set to make for a compelling performance.

Decadent Phase: Bringing the spirit of late 60s psychedelia, this young band from Lethbridge is influenced by classic acts like Buffalo Springfield.

ADEQUATE!: A funk band at the centre of a new era in urban contemporary music, ADEQUATE! will get everyone grooving.

Bow City Underground: A classic rock, country, soul, and blues band, featuring Hellawell’s father, whose lifelong passion for music inspired the Jamboree.

One unique aspect of the Jamboree is its commitment to safety and community. 

“We want to encourage people to camp overnight,” said Hellawell, “We’ll be serving alcohol, including beers from local breweries and Pabst Blue Ribbon, our event sponsor. If people want to have a good time, they shouldn’t drive. Camping is only $25, and we’re even serving a midnight breakfast with pancakes, chicken, and eggs.”

Tickets are available in advance at or can be bought in-person at Ritchie Parts and Mechanical in Blairmore and Back Country Butcher.

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