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Blairmore Lions share funds with local food bank

Kurt Weiss, President of the Blairmore Lion’s Club presents Desiree Erdmann with the Crowsnest Pass Food Bank with a cheque for $21,000 to help with the food bank’s increased need for food. Submitted photo.

Nicholas L. M. Allen

Feb 28, 2024

Substantial donation to the Crowsnest Pass Food Bank

In a recent conversation with Kurt Weiss, President of the Lions Club in Blairmore, details emerged about the club’s ongoing efforts and its latest substantial donation to the Crowsnest Pass Food Bank.

Kurt Weiss, calling on behalf of the Lions Club, began by expressing his contentment with the beautiful day. As the current President, Weiss outlined the club’s structure with different groups managing divisions such as bingo, food, and parks.

Regarding the recent donation, Weiss revealed that the Lions Club is committed to philanthropy, having given thousands in donations the previous year. The club raises funds through activities like bingo and monthly ticket draws, ensuring that all earnings go toward community support.

One of the frequent recipients of the Lions Club’s generosity is the local Food Bank. Weiss emphasized the importance of helping those in need, and this year, the club went beyond its regular donation after the Food Bank requested an extra $20,000 due to increase in demand.

“We have a regular donation that goes to the Food Bank, but this year they gave a presentation at our club, and they were in need of extra,” said Weiss.

Weiss highlighted the significance of the Food Bank in the community’s eyes.

“It’s very important because we don’t want to have people going without food,” said Weiss, “We want families to be able to survive and the food bank takes care of that. If we can help the food bank take care of the people that can’t afford the increase in cost of living, that’s a win-win for us.

Looking ahead, Weiss shared upcoming events, including a cold-weather BBQ scheduled for the next day in downtown Blairmore for the Coldest Night of the Year. The funds raised from such events contribute to the Lions Club’s general funds, which are then allocated to various community needs. Another event on the horizon is skijoring, where the Lions Club will host a BBQ, with all proceeds going back to the community.

To promote community involvement, Weiss disclosed plans to establish a Leo Club for youths aged 12 to 18. This initiative aims to bring a younger demographic into the Lions Club fold and foster a sense of community responsibility from an early age.

Weiss concluded the conversation by extending an invitation to potential new members, emphazising the rewarding nature of being part of a group dedicated to giving back. He expressed the hope that more people would recognize the club’s commitment to caring for the community.

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