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CAO Patrick Thomas honoured with SLGM Award of Excellence

CAO Patrick Thomas with the SLGM Award of Excellence on May 16 at the annual awards banquet for the Society of Local Government Managers.

Nicholas L. M. Allen

May 22, 2024

CAO Patrick Thomas received a bronze buffalo sculpture crafted by Cornie Martens of Lost Wax Bronze Ltd. and a $3,000 cash award for continuing education.

In a moment of pride for the community, Patrick Thomas, CAO for the Municipality of Crowsnest Pass, was awarded the prestigious SLGM Award of Excellence at the Society of Local Government Managers (SLGM) annual awards banquet. 

"It was definitely an honour and quite humbling," said Thomas, "Being chosen amongst peers from across the province for such a prestigious award is truly special." 

The award ceremony took place during the SLGM’s annual Municipal Administration Leadership Workshop. The evening featured several events, including the certification of 19 new Certified Local Government Managers and the presentation of the Award of Excellence, now in its 21st year. The award acknowledges individuals for their exceptional service and dedication to local government management. 

Kristin Colucci, Deputy Chief Administrative Officer, expressed the community's pride in having the CAO take home the award this year. 

"At our Society of Local Government Managers Award Banquet, Patrick won the SLGM Award of Excellence. The award recognizes exemplary service and dedication to local government. The Mayor, Bryan Badura, Sheldon Steinke, and I provided letters for the nomination committee, and we are so pleased he was selected. Congratulate him when you see him next," said Colucci. 

Thomas received the award from Derek King of Brownlee LLP, along with a bronze buffalo sculpture crafted by Cornie Martens of Lost Wax Bronze Ltd. and a $3,000 cash award for continuing education. 

Colucci went on to elaborate on the reasons behind Thomas's nomination. 

"We all wrote many reasons why we wanted to put his name forward. We wanted to recognize his volunteer work with the society and the emergency management team, his dedication to local government, and his deep commitment to Crowsnest Pass. It’s not just a job for him; he deeply cares about our community," said Colucci. 

Reflecting on the recognition, Thomas acknowledged the support he received to be given this award. 

"I really appreciate those who took the time to make a submission. I couldn't do it without a great team around me. It's definitely an honour to be not only nominated but to win the award. Many past recipients are senior professionals and mentors in the industry. It’s pretty overwhelming to have my name added to that list," said Thomas. 

The SLGM Award of Excellence, established in 2002 with the support of Brownlee Fryett, celebrates the efforts, contributions, and ongoing learning of individuals in the field of local government management. 

Nominees are judged on their pursuit of education, service dedication, impact on the profession, and participation in the annual leadership workshop. 

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