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CCHS International students honour coach

Mark Scott photo.

Nicholas L. M. Allen

Mar 27, 2024

International students honour their curling instructor with a plaque at the curling club.

CCHS 2024 International students presented an award on March 19 at 7 p.m. to Flora Griffith for her work with them during their time curling with the club.  

The students include Fernanda Sebben and Izabella Oliveira from Brazil, Franka Hermann and Milla Russell from Germany and Julie Verschuere from Belgium  

The inexperienced curlers had a prepared statement for their coach, which they presented along with a plaque. 

The statement is as follows: 

“Flora took us under her wing to teach us international students about curling. We found Flora is very passionate about curling and has infinite patience with us. We may have caused her a bit of stress and a few grey hairs, but we hope that she had more laughs at our antics on the ice,” 

“As a thank you for all Flora has done for us, we would like to present her with a plaque which we all hope she will look at in the future with fond memories.” 

They then joked about golf lessons being next for Griffith to coach them. 

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