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Celebrating Minor Hockey in the Crowsnest Pass

Nicholas L. M. Allen

Jan 17, 2024

Minor hockey is thriving in the Crowsnest Pass.

Minor hockey is thriving in the Crowsnest Pass.

Travis Gibboney, the President of Crowsnest Pass Minor Hockey, provided insights into the current state of minor hockey in the region.

“As the president, I kind of oversee everything. We have a board where everybody has a different job, and I make sure we have everything in place,” explained Gibboney. 

He serves as the midway point of contact for any queries and ensures the smooth operation of the minor hockey program.

Reflecting on the current season, Gibboney shared positive news about the progress of minor hockey in Crowsnest Pass. 

“This year’s been good. We’ve got four teams: U7, U9, U11, and U13,” he said.

The U9 team plays in the Elk Valley League against teams from Sparwood, Elkford, and Fernie. Additionally, the U11 and U13 teams participate in the Central Alberta Hockey League, providing them with a diverse and competitive playing experience.

Gibboney highlighted the success of the U11 and U13 teams in the current season, mentioning that the U11 team is performing exceptionally well with only two losses in the regular season. The U13 team has been showing improvement, especially after a recent tournament.

The minor hockey season is expected to run until February for younger age groups, with playoffs extending until the first week of March for U11 and U13 teams.

Gibboney expressed satisfaction with the growth in numbers, noting, “Our numbers have gotten better since I started. We went from having just a U7 and a U9 team not even that long ago, to now having four teams.” 

The increased participation reflects the growing interest in and support for hockey in the community. Despite the overall positive atmosphere, Gibboney addressed a significant challenge faced by the minor hockey program - a shortage of referees. 

He emphasized that the shortage is not unique to Crowsnest Pass but is a widespread issue across hockey leagues. Gibboney urged those interested in becoming referees to reach out, as they are actively seeking certified officials.

As the season progresses, Gibboney encourages community members to attend games and support the young athletes. He shared upcoming events, including a U13 team’s tournament in Crowsnest Pass and a U11 tournament in the following weeks.

The full schedule of games and. More information on the teams is available at

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