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Chef brings international flavour to Pass Golf Club

Nicholas L. M. Allen photo. The new chef at the Crowsnest Golf Club, Dhom Rosete, brings an international touch to the pub-style food served at the clubhouse.

Nicholas L. M. Allen

May 8, 2024

Culinary excellence and community engagement are a focus at the Crowsnest Pass Golf Club.

The Crowsnest Pass Golf Club isn’t just about golf; it’s a hub of community engagement and culinary excellence, as highlighted by both Scott Wasylciw and Dhom Rosete in recent conversations with the Crowsnest Pass Herald.

Wasylciw, representing the club, emphasized the Crowsnest Pass Golf Club’s role within the community. He emphasizes the club’s commitment to inclusivity and local engagement, offering its facilities for community events and initiatives, often at minimal or no cost. 

“If other not for profits, reach out we try and make it as successful as humanly possible for them to be able to use this beautiful building and location,” said Wasylciw.

From supporting local organizations to collaborating with businesses for family-friendly events, the club strives to foster a sense of belonging and enjoyment for all ages. 

Looking ahead, the club is preparing for its Swing into Spring sale, featuring discounts at the pro shop and family-friendly BBQ events. With a lineup of upcoming events including a tasting event by Confluence Distillery and live music performances, the club promises a vibrant season ahead for members and visitors alike. Wasylciw also mentioned the club’s restaurant experience.

“This is a casual dining place for people that just want to relax, enjoy the view, enjoy the weather and have some fun,” said Wasylciw.

Complementing the club’s kitchen is Dhom Rosete, the newly appointed head chef, who brings international flavours and culinary expertise to the dining experience. 

Rosete’s background is as diverse as his flavors, having originated from the Philippines before making stops in the UK and ultimately Canada. Prior to joining the Crowsnest Pass Golf Club, Rosete worked at a golf course franchise in Wales.

Rosete’s culinary journey took an unexpected turn when he transitioned from the golf course to a retirement home in Ottawa, where he honed his skills in a setting reminiscent of a hotel kitchen. Despite the shift, Rosete’s passion for cooking remained unwavering, a passion ignited during his early days as a dishwasher in a prestigious hospital where even members of the royal family were born.

Formal training at Westminster College in London further refined Rosete’s culinary expertise, which he subsequently applied to fine dining establishments over three decades. His recent move to the Crowsnest Pass Golf Club marked a new chapter in his career, presenting him with the challenge of adapting to a kitchen equipped with a deep fryer.

Despite the initial challenges of adapting to a new kitchen environment, Rosete’s passion for food shines through as he strives to elevate the club’s culinary standards. 

With a focus on high-quality ingredients and innovative flavors, Rosete aims to position the club as a leader in dining excellence within the area.

“It’s something that I would never have dreamed of, working in a pub,” said Rosete, “This is still going to be pub food, but the presentation, textures and quality would be a bit high end.”

Already, Rosete’s dedication to excellence is evident, with positive feedback pouring in from club members regarding improvements in kitchen cleanliness and menu presentation. 

“I’ve only been here for six weeks, and I’ve heard some good things,” said Rosete.

Whether enjoying a round of golf, attending a family event, or savoring a culinary delight, the Crowsnest Pass Golf Club invites everyone to be a part of its community.

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