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Crow Works celebrates 20 years

Crow Works Engraving and Signs logo.

Nicholas L. M. Allen

Dec 6, 2023

Crow Works Engraving & Signs marks its 20th anniversary this year

In downtown Coleman, Crow Works Engraving & Signs marks its 20th anniversary while under the ownership of Brad Edmondson. The journey of this unique business traces back to its founders, who established it in 2003. Over the years, it transitioned hands, landing in the stewardship of Joanne Wilson, who, in turn, passed the baton to Edmondson in 2017.

Edmondson shared insights into his journey during a recent interview. A military veteran who moved to Crowsnest Pass in 2015, Edmondson stumbled upon the business when he sought a custom pet tag. Little did he know that this visit would spark a chain of events leading to his ownership of Crow Works.

“When I walked into the business, I saw that there was a ‘For Sale’ sign. So, I started chatting up Jo-anne about the business, and that eventually led to looking at the financials and doing some market research,” Edmondson recalled. 

His background in hobby engraving and sandblasting, coupled with the realization of a unique market gap, motivated him to buy the business and transform it into his vision.

Under Edmondson’s ownership, Crow Works evolved into a dynamic makerspace, specializing in custom, made-to-order products. The business has been a stable force even during challenging times, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, thanks to its diverse services, including team trophies and industrial tags.

“We’re not just a trophy shop,” said Edmondson.

Edmondson shared his ambitious plans for the future, envisioning Crow Works 2.0 as a blend of retail and custom services. He explained how the business would eventually be “about 50 per cent retail,” selling a lot of promotional and tourist-based goods to local retailers. 

“People are looking for key chains and they’re looking for license plates and they’re looking for those kind of touristy keepsakes,” said Edmondson.

Edmondson shared that he works with the mining industry, which stems from a desire to support both large and small mining companies with engraving and branding services.

The business has a new dynamic team, with Abigayle and Naomi contributing creatively according to Edmondson. He expressed pride in mentoring young talents and highlighted their involvement in recent projects, such as the Blairmore Lions Hall signage. 

Edmondson acknowledged the need for more marketing and hinted at the upcoming renovation of the business’ facade. “I’m spending a whole lot of money all at once,” he said with a laugh, high-lighting the ongoing efforts to better represent Crow Works’ current identity.

As the business looks towards the future, he recognizes there are still untapped markets in the region and plans to expand outreach to community clubs and teams. The focus on creating standout, high-quality signs is a testament to Crow Works’ dedication to helping businesses shine in their advertising endeavors.

Crow Works Engraving & Signs is a hub of creativity, ready to leave an indelible mark on Crowsnest Pass for years to come. More information is available on or by visiting the shop in downtown Coleman at 7620 17 Avenue.

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