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Debbie Goldstein brings music to the valley

Ximenez Concert in August in Hillcrest. Photo by Deb Goldstein.

John Kinnear

Oct 11, 2023

There are a few names that come to mind these days of people driven to involve us all in special events and keep music appreciation always on our radar.

In our combined communities there is a rich history of music, musicians and festivals. There are a few names that come to mind these days of people driven to involve us all in special events and keep music appreciation always on our radar.  One such individual is Debbie Goldstein who has worked relentlessly in this fashion. 

Debbie is on a mission to enrich the lives of Pass residents by bringing in national and international professional musicians to give concerts in what she terms Early Music. That is to say Renaissance, Baroque and Classical period music that spans over 350 years of instrumental creativity (1400-1750).. 

There have been several wonderful events arranged recently by her that have reflected this mission. In May of 2022 there was one called Baroque in the Mountains and more recently a spectacular event in Hillcrest in August of this year by the Ximenez Quartet.  With this is mind Goldstein is determined to create an annual festival that will bring in some of the finest musicians there are in these music genres. The festival is to be held on August 11-17th of 2024 in select venues around the Pass. Groups of musicians will play in restaurants and other locations and bring to us all a level of professional musicality and rare selections that may have never been heard by most of us.  The concept is enthralling and Debbie as indicated that it definitely is a go for next year.

The lead up events and the festival itself are non-profit events which rely on grants,donations, and sponsors.  So she is encouraging music lovers of all persuasions to consider helping out if possible.   The reality of conducting these types of events is that they come with a price. Bringing in and housing musicians, advertising,arranging venues  and the like come at a cost. Goldstein is working  hard to secure grants to help make it all happen but as anyone who has done grant work knows most times it takes money to get money. The target for the festival is $20-$50K of seed money to secure those grants.

Saturday, Oct 14 at 6:30 she has arranged a donor/sponsor soiree that will be graciously hosted by Pat Heitman and Dick Wanner (Blairmore). It will  be a special eclectic affair.  Should you like to  attend Debbie is asking that you be willing to contribute to the festival with a minimum of $100 to which a  tax receipt will be given. During the evening, finger foods (catered by Country Encounters) wine, and other beverages will be served. There will also be a short musical performance by Our artistic Directors Catalina Guevara Viquez Klein (basson) and Alex Klein (principal oboist with the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra).Following that, Debbie will give a short presentation on the positive, immediate, and continued economic impact of the festival for the Crowsnest Pass and surrounding areas,  and Fernie and surrounding areas. 

To see a list of the internationally distinguished faculty who are already confirmed for next years festival go to

So if you see the value of what Debbie is working hard to create perhaps consider donating a minimum of $100.   Feel free to reach out to her via  or 403.563.6454. She would love to hear from you.

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