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Fire Prevention Week 2023

Crowsnest Pass Fire Rescue logo.

Devin Brady

Oct 11, 2023

October 8-14 is fire prevention week and Crowsnest Pass Fire Rescue would like residents to be knowledgeable when a grease fire occurs

Each year on the week of October 9 is the public observance of Fire Prevention week. This year from October 8-14, the week is focused on cooking safety at home with an emphasis on grease fires. Deputy fire chief Craig Marshall with the Crowsnest Pass Fire Rescue is hopeful that this week residents will become more informed on how to react safely in the event of a kitchen fire. Fire prevention week was first observed in 1922 in commemoration of the Great Chicago Fire, which began on October 8, 1871. The fire killed more than 250 people while destroying over 17,400 structures and leaving 100,000 people homeless. The fire burned over more than 2000 acres of land. 

For 2023 the focus of the week is on kitchen safety, as cooking fires are the leading cause of house fires and home fire injuries. Marshall stated his goal is to “make sure people are aware of the hazards with kitchen fires”. His number one focus is that everyone is aware that you do not put water on a grease fire. When water is added to grease or oil that is hot enough, the water will be converted to steam then allowing it to expand rapidly furthermore making the oil spray and splatter causing the fire to spread to other combustible materials nearby and taking you to “a place where that gets out of control”. With any fire the best way to put it out is to look at the fire behaviour triangle: Oxygen, heat and fuel. If you eliminate any one of these inputs, the fire will be unable to burn. “Remove one of these first then activate 911 to get us moving” stated Marshall, the Crowsnest Pass Fire Rescue would then be enroute to your location to ensure that everyone is safe and that the fire is extinguished. As a precaution Marshall mentioned that each home should have a minimum of one ABC dry chemical fire extinguisher. These extinguishers are multi-purpose and can be used on all three classes of fire (A, B or C) helping to eliminate wood, paper, cloth, trash, flammable liquids and energized electrical equipment caused fires. These extinguishers can be found at safety supply stores and hardware stores. 

For the most up to date information surrounding fire rescue and fire prevention week Marshall asks that you follow their Facebook page, Crowsnest Pass Fire Rescue. On there will be current updates on events, charities and other important information for residents. 

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