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Local accounting firm rebranding

Upcoming logo for Nyrose & Alexander with the new name for the business being finalized in November.

Nicholas L. M. Allen

Oct 18, 2023

The local accounting firm, Nyrose & Alexander LLP, is set to make some major changes over the next couple months.

Nyrose & Alexander LLP, a Lethbridge and Blairmore based CPA firm, will be changing their firm name and adding two new partners to the business.  

David Alexander, one of the current partners with Blair Nyrose, has been with the firm since 2006 and a partner since 2010. The two new partners will be David Lowry, CPA CA and Shauna Liebreich, CPA CGA. 

“I’m the one who mainly comes out here if Shauna can’t come out here.  Shauna comes out here and she’s one of the people that’s going to be partnering starting January 1. with another guy from Lethbridge and he’ll just be in the Lethbridge office,” said Alexander. 

He also explained the decision to change the firm’s name from the last names of partners to something more “general” that they won’t need to switch if people change again.  

“We’re going to change it to Atlas LLP. Chartered professional Accountants,” said Alexander. 

Alexander joked about how the new name will be easier for emails. For small business week, the firm said they wanted to make sure they are there to help businesses out if they have questions or concerns at any time of the week, even on the days when there is no one present in the Blairmore office. 

“Now that so much is virtual and electronic, we can do a lot online, but the office is available still,” said Alexander. 

Their commitment is to assisting small businesses with their varied needs, according to Alexander. Their role includes offering support in business development, expansion, succession planning, and tax planning. 

According to Alexander, “We’re here to do it all.”  

Nyrose and Alexander LLP maintains a permanent local presence in Blairmore. This local connection is crucial for the team, as they work closely with small business owners, providing personalized services tailored to the unique needs of each client. 

“I work with lots of different types of clients of different sizes. It’s kind of different all the time. It’s not just one type of business that we deal with, so that’s good,” said Alexander. 

The firm looks to maintain continuity of service, assuring their clients that the name change does not signify any fundamental alterations to their practice. They’re taking steps to ensure a seamless transition and the firm is navigating the legal process carefully. They anticipate the change to take place in mid-November. 

Nyrose & Alexander LLP assures their clients and the community that they are coming soon with a fresh identity that represents their unwavering support for small businesses. In the meantime, they want their clients to know that the people behind the scenes and their dedication to serving small businesses remain unchanged. 

Visit for more information on the business and the services they provide. 

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