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Measuring Day at Hillcrest Fish and Game

Hillcrest Fish and Game submissions for the upcoming Trophy Day during the Measurement Day on January 21, 2023. Nicholas Allen photo.

Nicholas L. M. Allen

Jan 25, 2023

Hillcrest Fish and Game hosting annual Measuring Day ahead of Trophy Day

Hillcrest Fish and Game held a day to measure submissions at the hall in Hillcrest on January 21 for the upcoming Trophy Day competition.

Colton Newton, second vice president of Hillcrest Fish and Game, has been with the organization for close to 20 years, joining when he was around 10 years old. He said the community aspect of events like these are so important, along with meeting those with similar interests.

These events have “conservation-minded people coming together to be the voice of hunting, fishing and conservation in the area,” according to Newton. For the younger generation, the group holds youth activities. They will also be giving each youth that entered a prize during the Trophy Day on February 4.

They were unable to host the event in 2021, resulting in a doubled-up event for 2022. This will be a slight return to normal for the group after reduced numbers in the previous years. Submissions were steadily coming into the hall during the day, with Newton hoping for more as they hit the halfway mark of submission times. The real excitement, he explained, is Trophy Day.

“The best part about Trophy Day, is the kids... seeing their faces light up. And of course, sharing hunting stories,” said Newton.

He said for most of the adults that attend, it’s more about the story. 

“Every animal that's taken, someone's got the story of how they got it, where they got it, who was there. So just a lot of talking and sure, it's nice to see them get their prize [as well],” added Newton.

He said his favourite hunting story was the first buck that he got by himself when he was 18.

“I’d been squatting on this hillside for many, many weeks and snuck up on the deer. [I had] perfect timing and down he went. I was so excited, just instantly shaking... he went down in some buck rush and then I had to haul it by myself,” said Newton.

The Trophy Day on February 4 will have a ‘Hunter of the Year’ trophy and numerous other prizes. Memberships for Hillcrest Fish and Game have a new online form submission and e-transfer option available. The link to form is on the top of the group’s Facebook page along with the email address for payments.

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