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Mobility Aid Program comes to the Pass

Devin Brady

Jun 14, 2023

The Blairmore Lions Club has been working relentlessly over the winter to bring a new program to the Pass. One that will supply mobility scooters to those who need it the most.

The Blairmore Lions club has been hard at work over the winter to bring to life a vision of supplying mobility scooters to those in need. The project would see six scooters on a loan system for those who have a physical disability and normally couldn’t afford to get one on their own.

“[It’s] providing mobility to those who otherwise would not have the opportunity,” said Charles Clarke, President of the Blairmore Lions. 

Part of the application process is proving medical need by providing a doctor note that states you would benefit from a mobility scooter. Currently the Lions Club is getting support from Danielson Law who has been working tirelessly to finalize the application and contracts. The goal is to have the scooters delivered on July 1 this year. 

The units would be available until October when they would be retrieved by the club and sent to a contractor for maintenance. Those who are selected by the panel will have to attend a safety training course to ensure that everyone knows the limitations of the equipment and is competent in operating the machine. 

The project was inspired by another member seeing the same program available through the Claresholm chapter. Since it was proposed, the project has gained a lot of traction in the community. 

“The Crowsnest Pass is an aging community with many of its members that could benefit from a program such as this,” noted Clarke. 

If the program runs well this year, then the hope is to expand the fleet with another six units next year, with them going out earlier in the spring. 

For those wishing to assist the program Clarke has stated that this year they have enough physical support through their members and the help of Danielson Law but donations are welcome. For those requiring more information on the program and how to apply are directed to contact the club or to stop by the hall. 

“We are always accepting new applications,” said Clarke.

Those interested in joining are encouraged to attend any of their meetings. 

The Lions meet every first and third Monday of the month at 7 p.m. Starting in July, meetings will be suspended for the summer and resume again in September.  

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